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Even in the beautiful Conejo Valley area, you may need the services of an Agoura Hills personal injury lawyer. While Agoura Hills residents enjoy nearby Malibu beaches and serene Santa Monica Mountains hiking and biking trails, traveling in and around congested nearby Los Angeles brings its own challenges like car accidents or pedestrian injuries.

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., offers you relief and timely legal counsel if you or a loved are facing personal injury challenges. With our proven record — over $300 million in damages recovered for our California clients — you have a trusted legal team available for a free initial consultation just a phone call away.

Claims our Agoura Hills Personal Injury Lawyers Can Handle:

A high percentage of personal injury claims are related to vehicle crash injuries such as:

  • Car accident claims: Your insurance company will want to settle quickly, but not always with your best interests in mind. Call an Agoura Hills car accident attorney for a free initial consultation before you agree to any settlement.
  • Truck accident claims: Truck drivers are under huge pressure to get their load delivered quickly.  Aggressive or sleep-deprived drivers are a recipe for a heavy truck accident causing serious personal injuries or even a wrongful death claim. Our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will help facilitate the medical providers you need and maximize your benefits in the event of a truck accident.
  • Spine injury, burn, or brain trauma claims: Serious car, truck, and motorcycle accidents alter the course a life forever. Don’t face this terrible stress on your own!  With our knowledgeable and successful Agoura Hills personal injury lawyers by your side, the compensation you or your love one needs to forge new dreams can lie just ahead.
  • Motorcycle injury claims: The nearby Santa Monica Mountains are a biker’s and hiker’s dream. Distracted or aggressive drivers create  a nightmare instead. Call a caring Harris Personal Injury Lawyer to get the medical and financial help you need to recover from a motorcycle accident.
  • Bike accident claims:  With a great variety of scenic trails, the Agoura Hills area is a magnet for avid cyclists.  On city streets, negligent or distracted drivers put you at risk for serious personal injuries.  Without highly focused legal help, your personal injury case could be complex and hard to prove in a court of law.
  • Pedestrian accident claims: Agoura Hills residents are at greater risk for pedestrian accidents. According to a 2015 California Office of Traffic Safety Report, over 3,000 pedestrians were killed or injured in the LA area in 2015. Our Agoura Hills pedestrian accident lawyers fight for the compensation you need to move on with your life post-injury.
  • Train and airplane accident claims: Commuting for business or pleasure?  Keep your travel insurance number and your personal injury lawyer’s number handy. Call your Harris Personal Injury Lawyers right away in case of an accident.
  • Bus accident claims: Dial-A-Ride, the MTA bus, and the Summer Beach Bus keep Agoura Hills residents rolling. A bus accident can have multiple insurance companies scrambling to settle quickly. Your Agoura Hills bus accident lawyer will make sure YOU get a fair settlement.
  • Boating accident claims: Often alcohol-related, boating accidents ruin more than a relaxing day on the Castaic Lake or other nearby marinas. Injury due to a boating accident? Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will come to your rescue and help you recover mentally, emotionally and financially.
  • Uber or Lyft accident claims: The only downside to using Lyft or Uber services would be an accident! Our Agoura Hills car accident attorneys are prepared to handle the complexities of a ridesharing car accident injury case.
  • Turo accident claims: Drivers of any rental car should not get off the hook for personal injuries due to an accident they caused. Our Agoura Hills personal injury lawyers are only a phone call away day or night.
  • Bird scooter accident claims: Bird scooters are popular in all the Southern California beach towns, but complaints of pedestrian injuries due to Bird scooters are climbing.

Slip and fall accident? You Need an Experienced Agoura Hills Premises Liability Lawyer!

These complicated claims require proof, facts, and records like photos of cracked, uneven sidewalks or slippery floors and subpoenaed witnesses. Our slip and fall lawyers in Agoura Hills will promptly tackle these details of your personal injury case.

Dog bite injury claims: Well-mannered pooches are encouraged to visit a few Agoura Hills area restaurants with their owners. California leash laws are in place, too. But if you receive a dog-bite related injury from a vicious dog, our Agoura Hills dog bite attorneys will fight back by filing a personal injury case on your behalf. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., we know injuries occur around the clock.

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