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Bakersfield Wrongful Death Attorneys

Bakersfield Wrongful Death Attorneys

The pain of a loved one’s death is not something that can be put into words. The unrelenting emotional trauma can make everything else in life seem insignificant. You may find it difficult to sleep, to eat, to work, and even to express your thoughts and feelings to those closest to you. While there’s nothing we can do to turn back time, our Bakersfield wrongful death lawyers may be able to help you seek the compensation your family needs to maintain financial security in the wake of the loss. You won’t have to pay anything for the consultation, and if you decide to hire one of our attorneys, we will handle your case on a contingency fee basis. For a free case review, contact us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS.

Wrongful Death Cases We Handle in Bakersfield

  • Automotive accidents (car, motorcycle, bus, truck, and train accidents)
  • Turo rental vehicle accidents
  • Rideshare service accidents
  • Boat and other watercraft accidents
  • Aircraft accidents
  • Premises liability cases
  • Other wrongful death claims

What Evidence and Documents Should I Bring to the Consultation?

The emotional trauma that follows the death of a loved one can make it seem impossible to focus on anything other than the tragedy of the loss. While it is certainly true that you should take the time to grieve properly, it is important that you contact a Bakersfield wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible if you intend to take legal action. If you put off seeking legal counsel, it is possible that critical evidence will become unavailable. Even if you have not conducted a thorough investigation of your own and compiled evidence, you should still meet with an attorney right away. There are, however, certain documents and evidence you can bring to the consultation if they are already in your possession. The following records and documents may help your attorney determine who might be liable, which kinds of damages might be recoverable, what disputes are most likely to arise, and how best to approach the subsequent investigation:

  • The Accident Report: When someone dies in an unexpected accident, there is usually a police report available that breaks down the facts surrounding the death. This report might provide information about who was involved in the accident, where it took place, and how it happened. The police may have recorded statements from eyewitnesses and the parties involved. If arrests were made, the report should discuss why those arrests took place.
  • Pictures and Video Footage: In many wrongful death cases, it is not always obvious who was liable for the death. And sometimes, the opposing party will argue that the deceased’s own negligence was a contributing factor. Pictures and video footage of the scene may help your Bakersfield wrongful death attorney and an accident reconstruction expert determine how the incident occurred.
  • Eyewitness Contact Info: Your lawyer may want to contact eyewitnesses to find out what they saw in order to determine whether their deposition might contribute to the strength of your case.
  • Contact and Insurance Info of Other Parties Involved: If the death happened in an auto accident or on a commercial property, it is likely that the at-fault party has insurance that will pay out benefits when the policyholder is liable for a wrongful death. If you have this insurance information in your possession, bring it with you to the free initial consultation. You should also come prepared with the contact details of any other parties involved in the accident.
  • Medical Provider Contact Info: Did your family member receive medical treatment for the fatal injury or illness? If so, your Bakersfield wrongful death attorney will want to reach out to the decedent’s healthcare providers to learn about the diagnosis and treatment. Your lawyer may also need to contact them to obtain medical records.
  • Relevant Insurance Policies of the Decedent: Did the decedent have an insurance policy that pays out benefits in the case of wrongful death? If so, bring that policy with you to the consultation.
  • Medical Records of the Decedent: Any medical records of the deceased from both before and after the death might serve as valuable evidence.
  • Financial Records of the Decedent: If you intend to seek compensation for loss of anticipated financial contributions from the deceased, your lawyer will need his or her financial records to approximate the value of such damages. It may also be necessary to retain an economist to help with the settlement calculations and to provide deposition.

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