Riverside Truck Accident Attorneys

Riverside Truck Accident Attorneys

A serious truck accident might seem like a rare phenomenon, but hundreds of thousands of these wrecks happen every year. Many of those involved suffer catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries. Our truck accident attorneys in Riverside are proud to offer aggressive and compassionate representation to crash victims and their families. We have the resources and experience to take on large motor carriers and their insurance companies. Our legal team has won substantial victories in truck accident lawsuits, and we will relish the opportunity to take your case to trial if a settlement cannot be reached. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS to set up a free, no-obligation case review.

Who Might Be Liable for Damages After a Truck Accident in Riverside?

No two truck accident cases are exactly alike, but it is always necessary to prove liability in order to recover damages. Liability essentially means “legal responsibility.” While you might assume that only the truck driver would be responsible for covering your losses, there are many other parties who might be directly or vicariously liable. They include:

  • The Driver of the Truck: The person behind the wheel of the truck may be partially or entirely responsible for your damages. Human error is the number-one cause of truck accidents, and an error while driving often constitutes “negligence,” which is a breach of the duty of care owed to another person. Speeding, changing lanes without checking blind spots, and distracted driving are just a few examples of negligence that might lead to a truck wreck.
  • The Trucking Company That Employed the Driver: When it comes to vicarious liability, the rules that apply to employees are not the same as those that apply to independent contractors. If your crash was caused by the truck driver’s negligence and he or she was an independent contractor, you probably would not be able to bring a claim against the motor carrier unless you can prove that the motor carrier’s negligence also played a role; however, if the trucker was an employee and, at the time of the crash, was performing duties within the course and scope of their employment, the trucking company might be vicariously liable. This would essentially mean that you could pursue damages from the motor carrier’s insurance policy, which of course is good news since the more insurance coverage that’s on the table, the greater the chance may be that 100 percent of your damages will be covered. Also, trucking companies often have significant assets, which will be important if their insurance limits are too low to cover your losses.
  • A Maintenance Company: Inadequate maintenance can lead to deadly truck accidents. A tire blowout, for example, can cause a trucker to lose control while traveling on the highway and the vehicle to veer into other lanes. The brakes may also fail if too much time passes before they are replaced. In these scenarios, your Riverside truck accident lawyer could investigate who was responsible for the big rig’s maintenance, which might be a maintenance contractor hired by the motor carrier.
  • The Company That Manufactured the Truck or Its Parts: Even if the truck driver was diligent and the vehicle was well-maintained, an accident could still happen if there was a defect in the truck or one of its components.
  • The Company That Loaded the Shipment: An imbalanced, overweight, or improperly secured load can shift en route and fall off the vehicle, or possibly cause the truck to roll over. If this happened, your attorney and possibly a commercial trucking expert can evaluate how the load was secured to determine if the party that loaded it was negligent.
  • A Government Entity: If the collision occurred due to a negligently maintained or designed roadway, the government entity tasked with maintaining or designing the road might be at least partially liable. You may also have grounds for a claim against a government agency if the truck that hit you was a government vehicle.

How Will My Riverside Truck Accident Attorney Prove Liability?

The answer to this question comes down to the proximate cause of the accident. For instance, if the crash occurred because the truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel, valuable evidence may include black box data, toll booth receipts, receipts from gas stations and lodging, surveillance footage, the police report, and eyewitness deposition. If poorly loaded cargo played a role, the bills of lading and other cargo manifests might contribute to your case. Sometimes it is necessary to depose various experts, such as an accident reconstruction expert or commercial trucking expert, to prove liability.

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