San Diego Truck Accident Attorneys

Accidents between passenger vehicles and large tractor-trailers tend to result in devastating injuries. Victims may face an uncertain financial future due to medical bills and lost wages. If you’ve been hurt or lost a family member in a crash with an 18-wheeler, our San Diego truck accident attorneys can help you fight for the compensation you need to get your life back. Depending on the circumstances, you might have grounds for a claim against the truck driver, his or her employer, an auto parts manufacturer, or another party. Our lawyers have the experience and resources to take on even the largest corporations and insurance companies, and we will tirelessly pursue the full compensation you deserve. Dial 1-800-GO-HARRIS to schedule a free initial consultation.

Types of Truck Accident Cases We Handle in San Diego:

There are countless factors that can cause truck accidents—from auto part defects to poor road conditions to drowsy driving. The best attorneys tailor their strategies to the specific facts of each case they handle. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we will adapt our investigative approach and settlement negotiation strategies to the unique circumstances of your claim. Below is an overview of the kinds of truck accident cases we handle:

  • Spilled Cargo Truck Accidents
  • Accidents Caused by Overloading or an Imbalanced Load
  • Rollover Accidents
  • Tire Blowout Accidents
  • Drowsy Driving Accidents
  • Blind Spot Truck Accidents
  • Truck Accidents Resulting in Wrongful Death

What Can I Do to Protect My Claim?

Most truck accident cases involve at least one insurance company. For example, if you were hit by a trucker who was speeding and your claim is successful, it’s likely that the insurance company of the trucker or his/her employer would cover your damages. While it’s certainly a good thing if the opposing party has insurance, you can expect the insurance adjuster to search for reasons to challenge your claim. Below are a few steps you can take to protect your case:

  • Visit a Doctor: The insurance company will review your medical records to find out if you’ve taken reasonable steps to facilitate your recovery. If you waited a significant amount of time to visit your doctor, the insurer might say that your decision to put off the medical evaluation was negligent and allowed your injury to worsen. To avoid such a dispute, you should visit a physician as soon as possible after your injury.
  • Follow Your Doctor’s Orders: From the moment your injury occurs to the day your case is resolved, it’s essential that you obey your doctor’s instructions. Even if you visited a doctor the same day as your injury, the insurance company may still challenge your claim if you didn’t fill your prescriptions, missed follow-up appointments, or participated in strenuous activities that had the potential to aggravate your injury.
  • Don’t Provide a Recorded Statement: It’s standard practice for the insurance company to contact a truck accident victim shortly after the incident to get a statement. These statements often serve as evidence that can be used to dispute the claim. For instance, if you say that your injuries aren’t that severe, you’ve missed a doctor’s appointment, or you were somehow negligent at the time of the accident, such statements could jeopardize your entire case.
  • Limit Your Online Activity: It’s not uncommon for personal injury claimants to post something online that leads to a dispute. For example, a photo of you taken after the accident might be used to prove that your injuries aren’t that severe, or a text post that describes the collision might be used to challenge liability. To protect your claim, it’s wise to deactivate your social media profiles until the conclusion of the proceedings.
  • Keep Documentation of Injury-Related Expenses: Your San Diego truck accident lawyer will need strong evidence to prove the types of damages you’ve incurred and their value. In the state of California, personal injury victims can pursue compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include healthcare costs, lost income, and other objectively verifiable expenses such as domestic assistance, transportation to doctor’s visits, childcare, and other reasonable and necessary costs arising from the accident. Be sure to keep any invoices, receipts, and other documentation related to these expenses.
  • Start a Journal: Keep a daily journal in which you describe the symptoms you’re experiencing, their severity and frequency, and how long they last. You can also discuss any medication side effects, as well as the ways your injury is affecting your familial and social relationships.

Discuss Your Claim with a San Diego Truck Accident Lawyer

If your financial future is in jeopardy due to a serious truck accident, contact Harris Personal Injury Lawyers. We have many years of experience taking on large motor carriers and their insurance companies. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS or send us a message online to arrange a free consultation.