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As a town with a substantial growing population, many trucks drive through Santa Barbara. Whether traveling north to south on Highway 101, or east to west on Highway 154, or on Highway 217 to the University of California at Santa Barbara—trucks get in accidents on these roadways. There are thousands of trucks, semi-trucks, 18 wheelers and box trucks that travel these roads to deliver goods. Many times, trucks get in accidents with cars, and the fate of the car driver is usually not good. Our Santa Barbara truck accident lawyers are here to help you seek maximum compensation for your injury.

Santa Barbara Truck Accidents: Truck drivers suffer from fatigue as they tend to drive through the night to avoid traffic and meet their strict delivery deadline. It is crucial to know that there are rules and laws that truck drivers must follow to provide safe roads for themselves and other. Rules state truck drivers cannot drive more than eleven hours at a time without a break. Truck drivers tend to drive drowsy and ultimately cause accidents. There are many times truck drivers get distracted while driving and cause an accident. Speeding is also a huge factor in truck driving accidents. Trucks take twice and sometimes three times as long to stop. When a truck driver is speeding and has to stop quickly, whatever is in their path is at great risk.

Why Hire a Santa Barbara Truck Accident Attorney?

It is common for insurance companies to take any piece of evidence from your accident and use it against you. Our truck accident lawyers will help preserve evidence and maximize the value of your truck accident claim. It is also common for insurance companies to devalue your claim even though trucks are commercially owned vehicles and have a commercial policy limit.

Successfully resolving and pursuing a truck accident lawsuit requires a deep understanding of state and federal trucking regulations. Our truck accident lawyers solely practice personal injury and have the knowledge and confidence to collect, interpret and present your claim against big insurance companies. We work solely on a contingency fee, meaning if we do not successfully resolve your case we won’t get paid.

After a Truck Accident:

There are countless truck accidents that occur daily throughout the United States. Insurance adjusters will be immediately contacted regarding your truck accident. We suggest every truck accident victim must seek immediate medical treatment. It is crucial to get a proper diagnosis of your injury before discussing the accident with any insurance company. Ensure that you have the truck drivers correct contact information. If witnesses were around, collect a statement from them and their contact information as well. If it is at all possible take any photos of the property damage done to both the truck and your vehicle. Do take photos of your injuries. Call a Santa Barbara truck accident lawyer immediately.

Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer:

DO NOT accept an offer from a truck accident without talking to a lawyer at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers. We will help maximize your accident claim so you receive a substantial settlement for the injuries you’ve suffered. We do not have any upfront or hidden fees.

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