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If you’ve fallen on someone else’s property and suffered an injury, the property owner or possessor may be liable for any medical costs, lost income, and other damages you’ve incurred. Our Santa Barbara slip and fall attorneys can help you navigate the claims process and fight for the highest compensation possible.

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The thought of taking legal action can seem overwhelming when dealing with a serious injury. Our lawyers will handle the logistics of your claim so you can focus on healing. We will gather evidence, visit the scene of the injury, talk to eyewitnesses, and if necessary, we will file subpoenas to obtain evidence and bring in expert witnesses to provide deposition and testimony. After helping more than 5,000 clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases, you can rest assured that our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to provide strategic and effective representation. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS to set up a free consultation.

How Much Is My Slip and Fall Claim Worth?

You may have seen news headlines about seven- or eight-figure trial verdicts awarded in personal injury and wrongful death cases. You might assume that the plaintiff will go on to live a life of luxury, but often these substantial payouts are just enough to afford a lifetime of medical care. That said, a tactful slip and fall lawyer can make sure your claim accounts for all potentially recoverable losses including non-economic damages and possibly even punitive damages. While there’s no way to approximate a fair settlement amount before knowing the facts of your case, performing an investigation, and reviewing the evidence, there are some factors that tend to influence the settlement calculations in many slip and fall cases. By having an understanding of those factors, which are listed below, you might be able to get a rough idea of the kinds of damages you can pursue and their potential value:

  • The Cost of Medical Treatment: Naturally, the amount of money you paid for medical care will have a direct influence on the settlement calculations. While minor and temporary injuries may only cost a few thousand dollars to treat, catastrophic injuries—such as brain trauma and spinal cord damage—can cost a veritable fortune in healthcare over the course of the victim’s life. Also, more severe injuries tend to warrant higher awards for non-economic damages like pain and suffering.
  • Whether You Were Employed When the Fall Occurred: Your Santa Barbara slip and fall lawyer will want to see pay stubs, financial statements, and any other documentation that provides insight into the amount of income you were making before the injury. If you were sidelined from work while you recovered, you have the right to pursue compensation for any wages lost during that time. As such, whether you were employed at the time of the fall could affect the settlement calculations, as can your level of income.
  • The Nature of Your Injury: We’ve already touched on the fact that more serious, permanent injuries tend to warrant greater financial awards. Under some circumstances, the kind of injury sustained and how it has affected the person’s life can influence the settlement calculations, as well. For example, if the injury has affected your enjoyment in life by preventing you from participating in loved activities, you might be able to seek compensation for hedonic damages. If the injury has diminished your ability to provide your spouse with companionship, society, or sexual relations, your spouse may be entitled to compensation for loss of consortium.
  • The Value of Miscellaneous Costs: Although medical bills, lost income, and non-economic damages often account for the lion’s share of a personal injury settlement, you have the right to include other reasonable and necessary costs related to your injury. Examples may include alternative transportation, modifications to your vehicle or home to accommodate new disabilities, and childcare.
  • Whether Punitive Damages Are Warranted: Punitive damages are not awarded in most slip and fall cases. That’s because the vast majority of these claims are filed on the basis of ordinary negligence, and punitive damages are only awarded in cases that involve particularly egregious misconduct that constitutes malice, oppression, or fraud. Your Santa Barbara slip and fall attorney can review the facts of your case to find out whether punitive damages may be available.

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