Seal Beach Uber & Lyft Accidents Attorneys

Seal Beach Uber & Lyft Accidents Attorneys

Rideshare services have made it easier than ever before to get from Point A to Point B. However, as drivers are paid per ride, some feel pressure to complete trips at a rapid pace. The result: fatigue, distracted driving, and speeding that can increase the odds of an accident. If you were injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, it may be in your best interests to speak to one of our Seal Beach rideshare accident attorneys. Schedule an appointment to speak to one of our lawyers by calling 1-800-GO-HARRIS. The initial consultation is free, and you won’t be charged attorneys’ fee unless your claim results in a successful outcome.

Steps to Take after Suffering an Injury

If you were injured in an Uber and Lyft accident, it’s only natural to feel anxious, downtrodden, and even angry—especially if it’s clear the rideshare driver was at fault. However, it’s important to keep this rush of emotions in check. The rideshare company and their insurer will likely keep close tabs on what you’ve said and done in the aftermath of the accident. Even a minor misstep could be enough to sink your claim. Here are a few ways you can help protect your claim:

  • Focus on Your Recovery: If your doctor has told you to avoid strenuous physical activity or warned you against returning to work too soon, you should always follow their orders. Deviating from your treatment plan could result in the insurance company asserting that your own negligence exacerbated your injuries and contributed to your damages. While you may be eager to return to work and earn the money you need to start paying off your medical debt, going against your doctor’s orders could cost you far more down the line when your financial award is reduced due to your own negligence.
  • Visit the Doctor: If you delay your medical evaluation, your condition might deteriorate, which could lead to a less favorable prognosis. Additionally, it’s possible you suffered a serious injury that has latent symptoms. For instance, internal injuries and brain trauma may not present with serious symptoms until hours or days after the accident. Undergoing an assessment as soon as possible doesn’t just have the potential to cut down your recovery time and prevent further health complications, it may also help you avoid disputes when you file your claim. The insurer may assert that your decision to delay your medical assessment contributed to your injuries, and you could be held partially liable for your medical bills and other losses.
  • Set Your Social Media Accounts to ‘Private:” Many insurers have made reviewing social media profiles a routine step in their claims investigations. Claims adjusters will be looking for any posts, comments, reviews, or pictures that could be used as evidence to challenge your case. For instance, even a seemingly benign post describing a physical therapy session could be used by the insurance company to downplay the extent of your injuries. While it’s advisable to disable your accounts until your case is ongoing, we understand that this simply isn’t possible for many claimants. At the very least, you should dial up your privacy settings and avoid publishing posts about your recovery, case, or the accident until your claim is resolved.
  • Do Not Provide a Recorded Statement: Emails and recorded statements sent to the insurer or rideshare company could be used as ammunition to sink your claim. As such, it’s best to let your Seal Beach Uber and Lyft accident lawyer handle all dialogue with the insurer and rideshare company.

What Damages Can I Pursue?

It’s not unusual for insurers to offer a settlement within just a few days or weeks of a serious accident. While your case may have been relatively simple to assess—for instance, liability is clear, and your injuries are only minor—it’s also possible that the insurance company wants to settle your case before you get a chance to speak with an attorney. We can conduct a thorough investigation to identify the types of losses you’ve incurred and estimate reasonable compensation for such damages. If you suffered a catastrophic injury or opposing parties are disputing aspects of your claim, we may consult with financial, medical, and vocational experts to provide testimony regarding the extent of your damages. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, the following losses may be recoverable as part of your claim:

  • Lost Income: If you were sidelined from work due to your injuries, you may be able to recover earnings you’ve lost.
  • Diminished Earning Capacity: An Uber and Lyft accident claim can also include compensation for the ways in which your injuries have impacted your ability to earn a living. For instance, if you are unable to return to the same job you were doing before the accident because of your injuries, your lawyer may consult with an economic expert to help estimate the value of lost future wages. We have access to an expansive network of highly qualified financial specialists who we can call on to assist with settlement estimations or provide deposition during proceedings.
  • Medical Expenses: Accident victims can seek compensation for medical costs associated with treating their injuries. They can also pursue damages for healthcare expenses they are reasonably likely to incur in the future. Estimating future medical expenses is a challenging undertaking, but our legal team can use widely accepted methods and insight from the relevant medical specialists to estimate your future medical bills.
  • Property Repairs: If any of your own property was damaged or destroyed in the accident, you may be able to include the cost of repairs or replacement as part of your claim.
  • Pain and Suffering: If your injuries led to significant pain or extreme discomfort, your lawyer could help you seek compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced.
  • Loss of Life Enjoyment: Often referred to as “hedonic damages”, these losses may be available

in your case if your injuries have prevented you from enjoying your favorite pastimes, diminished your general quality of life, prevented you from attending social events, negatively impacted your relationships with family and friends, or caused you to feel inadequate or humiliated.

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