Seal Beach Slip and Fall Attorneys

Seal Beach Slip and Fall Attorneys

Were you or someone you know hurt in a slip and fall accident? The premises owner or any other party responsible for managing the property may be responsible for covering the resulting medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and other losses. Our Seal Beach slip and fall attorneys can evaluate your case and help you fight for a fair settlement. On the surface, your claim may seem relatively straightforward. However, it’s not uncommon for opposing parties to dispute many aspects of a case in an attempt to reduce the amount they pay out. If you would like to discuss your options or have any questions about laws relating to your case, contact us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS.

Common Errors to Avoid When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If you have strong evidence to prove liability, causation, and damages, you may feel confident that your claim will result in a successful outcome. However, the actions you take immediately after the accident and during proceedings could drastically alter the direction your case takes. If you made mistakes, overlooked critical evidence, or inadvertently admitted fault for causing the accident, your financial award may be reduced, or your claim could even be denied. The insurer is likely on the lookout for any evidence that could be used to challenge your case and reduce your settlement. As such, you need to be vigilant about everything you say or do as one false move could affect the outcome of your claim. Below are a few errors you should avoid until your claim is resolved:

  • Ignoring Your Doctor’s Orders: Maybe you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines while friends and family attend social events, or you just think your healthcare provider is being overly cautious. However, deviating from your doctor’s treatment plan is a crucial error that won’t just put your well-being at risk but could also affect the outcome of your slip and fall claim. If you go against their instructions, the insurer could argue that you failed to take reasonable steps to mitigate damages, or that your negligence exacerbated your injuries.
  • Communicating Directly with the Insurer: After an accident, the claims adjuster will likely reach out to you for a statement about the accident. While this may seem like a harmless request, these phone conversations are often engineered to elicit specific responses that could later be used to challenge key aspects of your claim. If the insurance company contacts you after you’ve reported the accident, you should direct any correspondence to your attorney.
  • Posting About the Accident on Social Media: In the wake of a slip and fall accident, you may want to reach out to friends and family online for emotional support, legal advice, or just to vent your frustrations. However, the insurance company may be closely monitoring your social media feeds for any evidence that could be used to dispute your claim. Even a throwaway comment about your recovery could be misrepresented to downplay the extent of your injuries. As such, it’s advised to deactivate your accounts for the duration of proceedings.

What Might My Claim Be Worth?

If you were seriously hurt in a slip and fall accident, it’s likely your expenses are adding up at an alarming pace. And, to make matters worse, you may be unable to work, left to sit on the sidelines as days, weeks, or months of wages slip through your fingers. Understandably, most claimants are eager to find out what their claims are worth. However, estimating the potential recovery in a slip and fall case isn’t as simple as punching a few numbers into a calculator. Every claim is unique, and it’s likely your attorney will have to thoroughly investigate your claim before he or she can estimate reasonable compensation for your damages. Below are a few questions your lawyer may ask you during your initial consultation:

  • How Serious Are Your Injuries? Catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities tend to warrant more compensation than relatively minor conditions as victims will typically incur significant medical expenses and experience a greater degree of emotional distress, pain and suffering, and stress.
  • Will Your Injuries Prevent You from Working? If you missed work due to your injuries and/or your condition prevents you from returning to your job, these lost earnings could be factored into the potential recovery. When estimating fair compensation for such damages, your attorney may look at a wide range of factors including the number of days missed, how much you were earning before the accident, and whether your injuries will impact your earning capacity down the line.
  • Did You Seek a Prompt Diagnosis? After a slip and fall accident, regardless of the extent of your injuries, you should always seek immediate treatment. This crucial step will ensure that you have access to medical records detailing the injuries you sustained, the severity of those injuries, and the treatments undergone. Medical records can also help tie your injuries to the accident. Foregoing or delaying a medical assessment could give opposing parties an opportunity to dispute liability and damages, potentially resulting in reductions to your financial award.

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