Seal Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Seal Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

When a car collides with a pedestrian, the outcome can be devastating. Even at low speeds, victims may sustain catastrophic injuries that leave them temporarily or permanently disabled. Our Seal Beach pedestrian accident attorneys are proud to help victims and their loved ones pursue the compensation they need to get their lives back on track. You can contact us via our 24/7 phone line; just dial 1-800-GO-HARRIS. Your case assessment is free, and we won’t charge you a cent in attorneys’ fees unless your case results in a settlement or verdict.

What Evidence Could Help Prove My Pedestrian Accident Claim?

While pedestrian accident claims can vary drastically from one case to the next, they all share one crucial requirement: To obtain a financial award, you will need strong evidence to demonstrate liability and damages. Fortunately, you won’t be left to tackle this task alone; your Seal Beach pedestrian accident attorney can help you gather the evidence you need to prove your claim, prepare this evidence for negotiations or litigation, and oversee the logistics of your case. Below are a few types of evidence your lawyer may use to help prove your claim:

  • Surveillance Camera Footage: If you spotted surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the accident scene, it’s possible these devices captured footage of the moment you were hurt. Such videos could help your attorney identify the liable parties and prove your damages.
  • Expert Witness Deposition: Some personal injury cases can be incredibly complex. For instance, if your injuries have left you unable to work in the foreseeable future, it can be challenging to calculate the value of your future lost wages. In such situations, your attorney may consult with various experts, such as economists and vocational experts, to determine what you are owed. If an opposing party disputes the severity of your injuries or the necessity of specific procedures, your attorney may depose a medical specialist who can help shed light on the extent of your condition, the treatments you require, and the impact your injuries may have on the rest of your life.
  • Eyewitness Accounts: If someone saw the accident occur, their deposition could help corroborate aspects of your claim. Immediately after the accident, if you are able to, you should take down the contact details of any eyewitnesses. Share this information with your attorney during the initial consultation.
  • Official Accident Report: If you reported the accident to the police, it’s likely officers attended the scene and compiled an official report. In this document, the officers may have provided their own analysis of how the accident transpired and discuss the types of injuries sustained by those involved. Not only will the insurance company likely want to see this document as part of their investigation, but an official accident report could also help your attorney construct your claim.

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Claim?

As your costs continue to add up, you’ll be feeling more and more desperate to get your hands on a financial award. However, if you’re seeking a considerable sum, you need to be prepared to wait. While some claims are resolved in a matter of days, some can take weeks or even months to reach a settlement or verdict. Here are a few factors that might affect the timeline of your claim:

  • Amount of Time Required to Reach Maximum Medical Improvement: Accepting a settlement that doesn’t account for all your accident-related expenses is a recipe for disaster. If your treatments cost far more than you originally anticipated, that financial award will quickly run dry, leaving you and your family on the hook for these additional expenses. As such, personal injury attorneys often advise their clients to wait until they’ve achieved maximum medical improvement before initiating settlement negotiations. Therefore, the longer it takes for your condition to improve, the longer you may have to wait for your case to conclude.
  • Strength of Your Evidence: Did anyone see the accident take place? Did surveillance cameras capture footage of the moment you were hurt? Were you able to gather evidence at the scene and take photos of your injuries? If you have substantial evidence at your disposal, you will be less likely to encounter disputes when you file your claim. Our lawyers can conduct an in-depth investigation to help compile all available evidence necessary to prove liability, causation, and damages. If an individual or entity is withholding evidence, our attorneys can apply legal pressure to obtain this information before it is erased, destroyed, or becomes unavailable for any other reason.
  • The Amount You Are Seeking: The higher the value of the potential recovery in your case, the more incentive opposing parties will have to dispute aspects of your claim. If you’re seeking significant damages, the insurance company will likely commit considerable time and resources towards challenging your case.
  • The Number of Liability Parties: While there may be several liable parties in your case, this doesn’t necessarily mean your claim will take longer to resolve. However, naming more defendants in your claim may increase your chances of facing disputes as parties might argue over how liability is apportioned.

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