Altadena Slip and Fall Attorneys


Altadena Slip and Fall Attorneys

Everyone has tripped, fallen, or slipped in their lives. Most of the time, these missteps are the result of clumsiness, fatigue, or a few too many cocktails. However, sometimes these dangerous falls can happen because a property owner failed to clear hazards on their premises. If you were seriously hurt on someone else’s property, our Altadena slip and fall attorneys may be able to assist with your claim. With decades of experience overseeing personal injury claims, we understand what it takes to prevail in even the most complex cases. Whether it’s gathering evidence, preparing your claim, or providing tenacious representation during legal proceedings, the attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers can assist with all aspects of your case. Call us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS to get started.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Filing a Slip and Fall Claim

From the moment the accident takes place to the day your claim is resolved, every one of your actions will be scrutinized by the insurer and other opposing parties. As such, mistakes you make after your fall could cost you a fair settlement. Here are a few errors you should avoid while your claim is pending:

  • Making a Recorded Statement: If the insurer contacts you to request a recorded statement, you should always refer them to your attorney. These conversations are often designed to elicit compromising statements that could be used as leverage to dispute your claim.
  • Posting About the Accident Online: As the world around us embraces the digital revolution, so too have the country’s insurers. Monitoring claimants’ social media feeds has become a common part of claims investigations. As such, anything you publish online could be used as evidence to dispute your claim. For instance, photos taken of you at a party in the days following the accident could form the basis of a failure to mitigate damages dispute. At HPIL, we advise most of our clients to disable their social media profiles until their claims are resolved.
  • Failing to Provide Strong Evidence: Whether you choose to represent yourself or hire a lawyer who doesn’t take steps to investigate your claim thoroughly, you run the risk of overlooking crucial evidence that could help you prove liability and damages. This could lead to disputes which can increase the chances of your case going to court. At HPIL, we give every case the attention it deserves. Our lawyers can conduct an in-depth investigation into the accident, gather and compile the necessary evidence, and prepare legal strategies to counter any disputes that may arise. If it’s in your best interests to go to trial, our attorneys have the confidence and experience to prevail in court.
  • Not Arranging Expert Witness Deposition: If your case is complex in nature—i.e., you suffered a catastrophic injury, there are multiple liable parties, or you are seeking non-economic damages—expert witnesses may play a crucial role in your fight for a fair settlement. At HPIL, we have access to an expansive network of expert witnesses including professionals working in medical, vocational, engineering, and financial fields.

Will My Slip and Fall Claim Go to Trial?

After suffering a serious injury in a slip and fall accident, most victims just want to recover the compensation they need as soon as possible so that they can get their lives back on track. Fortunately, most accident claims won’t go to trial. At HPIL, our number one priority is to help you secure a fair settlement without going to court; however, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, bringing a lawsuit might be the best decision for you and your family. Below are a few factors that could influence whether you claim goes to court:

  • Cause of Your Injuries: If the defendant acted with oppression, fraud, or malice, you might be able to build a case for punitive damages if you file a lawsuit.
  • Severity of Your Injuries: If you suffered a catastrophic injury or permanent disability that necessitates ongoing treatment, opposing parties may be hesitant to agree to a settlement that includes compensation for all future medical expenses and intangible losses. In this scenario, it may be in your best interests to proceed to trial to achieve a favorable outcome. Accepting a settlement that does not account for all recoverable losses could leave you and your family facing overwhelming debt.
  • Liability Disputes: There many reasons why other parties may dispute liability. For instance, there might be multiple liable parties, and they may dispute how liability is apportioned. Alternatively, an opposing party could assert that you were partially at fault for causing the accident or contributed to your damages. In these situations, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit.
  • Strength of the Available Evidence: If you do not have access to strong evidence to prove liability, causation, and damages, opposing parties may not agree to a fair settlement. If your slip and fall accident attorney believes you have a good chance of succeeding during trial, we may advise you to take your case to court.

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