Altadena Train Accident Attorneys


Altadena Train Accident Attorneys

Public transit is a way of life in many parts of California. However, just as wrecks happen on the road, train accidents do still take place. The victims can suffer catastrophic injuries, leading to long-term health complications, medical costs, and life-altering limitations. If you were injured on the rails, turn to our Altadena train accident attorneys for advice. Our lawyers have decades of experience overseeing a variety of different wrongful death and personal injury cases. As such, we know what it takes to prevail during settlement negotiations and litigation—a fact you can see reflected in our track record of success. Dial 1-800-GO-HARRIS to get started.

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney to Assist with My Claim?

When we’re planning for the future, few of us prepare for an unexpected injury. As such, in the event of a worst-case scenario, it’s only normal to second guess every decision. While your number one priority should be to seek medical treatment, it may also be in your best interests to contact a personal injury attorney right away. He or she can kickstart the claims process to help you avoid the risk of losing crucial evidence or overshooting the state’s deadlines for bringing a lawsuit against the at-fault parties. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider hiring an attorney to help with your claim:

  • Handle Dialogue with the Insurer: If you were injured in a train accident, it’s likely the train company’s insurer will play an important role in your claim. Claims adjusters will be looking for reasons to dispute liability and damages in a bid to reduce the amount they pay out. One strategy might involve contacting you for a recorded statement. It’s not uncommon for claims adjusters to manipulate claimants into making compromising statements during these interviews. At HPIL, our attorneys can oversee all correspondence with the insurer and opposing parties so you won’t have to worry about saying something that could compromise your claim.
  • Avoid Serious Mistakes: From the day of the accident, your actions will be put under a microscope as the insurer and other opposing parties attempt to dig up any evidence that could be used to challenge your case. If you ignore your doctor’s orders, make a recorded statement, post about your claim on social media, miss important deadlines, or commit other costly errors, you could slash your chances of achieving a successful outcome. At HPIL, our train accident attorneys can guide you through the claims process, advising you on how to avoid common missteps and explaining your role at every stage of proceedings.
  • Gather Evidence Before It Is Altered or Destroyed: Road markings fade, injuries heal, and damaged property can be misplaced. In most accident cases, a clock starts ticking the moment you are injured. Every day you wait to collect evidence that could help support your claim, this evidence could be altered or destroyed. For instance, if the train was derailed due to a defective switch, this faulty part could be replaced or repaired if you wait too long to start building your case. Whether it’s gathering evidence from the scene, consulting with accident reconstruction experts to determine liability, or taking the necessary legal steps to obtain surveillance camera footage, we will leave no stone unturned to help build your claim.

Why Might an Insurer Dispute My Train Accident Claim?

When you file a claim, whether it’s for bodily injury or property damage, the insurance company will have a strong incentive to contest the value of your settlement in a bid to reduce how much they pay out. After all, insurers would struggle to make a profit if they greenlit every single claim without thoroughly investigating the facts. Here are a few common reasons why the insurer might challenge your case:

  • You Delayed Seeking Medical Treatment: Whether you suffered a serious injury or just sustained a few minor cuts and bruises, you should always visit the doctor as soon as possible. Delaying your medical assessment—or failing to schedule an appointment altogether—could lead to disputes. For instance, the insurer might assert that your injuries cannot be as serious as your lawyer claims as you did not require urgent medical attention.
  • You Provided a Recorded Statement: After reporting the accident to your insurer, the claims adjuster may reach out to you for a recorded statement. During these conversations, he or she may ask leading questions meant to elicit specific responses that could be used as evidence to dispute your claim. As such, it may be best to let your train accident attorney handle all correspondence with the insurer and other opposing parties.
  • You Had a Pre-existing Condition: While you can seek compensation for damages if your pre-existing condition was exacerbated by the accident, the insurance company may still contend that you’re filing a claim for medical bills you would have incurred even if the wreck had not happened. At HPIL, we can review your medical records, compile evidence, and consult with expert witnesses to overcome such disputes if they arise.
  • You Posted About the Accident on Social Media: After an accident, your emotions may be running high. Friends and family can be a source of comfort during these trying times. However, while a conversation over coffee can be a great opportunity to vent your frustrations and process this traumatic event; taking these conversations online could pose a serious threat to the outcome of your personal injury claim. The insurer may be monitoring your profiles for any posts that could be used as evidence to challenge your case. As such, it may be in your best interests to disable your social media accounts until your legal proceedings have concluded.

Discuss Your Claim with an Altadena Train Accident Attorney

Train accidents can have devastating consequences, disrupting your normal routines and gutting your finances. If you were the victim of a train wreck, the attorneys at HPIL may be able to assist with your claim. Contact us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS or flip through to our contact form HERE to discuss your options with a member of our legal team.