Echo Park Bicycle Accident Attorneys

California is home to an abundance of winding trails, scenic routes, and other prime cycling real estate. It’s no wonder that cyclists from across the country flock to the state to enjoy everything it has to offer. However, with a substantial number of motorists on the road, accidents involving cars are all too common. If you were injured while out riding, our Echo Park bicycle accident attorneys can help you fight for fair compensation. 

Through the years, we’ve represented injured riders across the state, helping secure substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients. Reach out to us at 1-800-GO-HARRIS to discuss your options.  

Do I Have a Strong Bicycle Accident Claim? 

If you were injured on the road, you may be wondering if your claim has what it takes to go the distance. At HPIL, our legal team can assess your case, investigate the accident, and gather the necessary evidence to build a convincing personal injury claim. We can also help estimate fair compensation for the damages you incurred. 

Let’s take a look at a few signs that you might have a strong claim: 

  • You Sought Immediate Medical Treatment: If it seems like you didn’t suffer a serious injury, you should still schedule a doctor’s appointment as soon as you can. It’s possible that your adrenaline is masking certain symptoms, or that you suffered an injury that will only present with symptoms later. A prompt diagnosis will ensure that you get the treatment you need without delay. Visiting the doctor immediately could also help you avoid disputes over liability and damages. 
  • You Stuck to Your Treatment Plan: Whether your doctor has instructed you to take time off work to let your injuries heal or you were told to complete daily rehabilitative exercises, you should always follow their orders. Deviating from your treatment plan could lead to disputes over failure to mitigate damages.  
  • You Tracked Your Damages Carefully: From receipts for home modifications to estimates for property repairs, you should compile any financial documents associated with your damages. These documents will likely play a crucial part in proving your losses. 
  • You Let Your Attorney Handle Correspondence with the Insurer: Anything you say to the insurance company could be used as evidence to dispute aspects of your claim. At HPIL, our skilled personal injury attorneys can oversee all dialogue with the insurer so you don’t have to worry about saying something that might hurt your case.  

Qualities That Help Set HPIL Apart from Other Law Firms in the Area 

The legal team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers has decades of collective experience representing accident victims in the area and the rest of the state. We understand the serious toll that suffering an injury in an accident can take on your physical, emotional, and financial well-being. As such, we give each personal injury claim the attention it deserves, doing everything in our power to help our clients achieve a favorable outcome. 

Let’s take a look at a few more qualities that help set our personal injury lawyers apart from others in Echo Park: 

  • We Are Communicative: While many attorneys will promise to maintain an open line of communication, some won’t strive to answer calls and emails in a reasonable timeframe. The result: you’ll be left in the dark, stuck worrying about the progress of your case and whether you should be doing anything to help expedite this process. At HPIL, we know that a quick response can mean the difference between peace of mind and panicking. We strive to return emails, texts, and phone calls as soon as possible, making sure to provide regular updates to our clients and taking time to educate them at every stage of the claims process. 
  • We Are Skilled Litigators: Bringing a case to trial requires a considerable investment of time and resources. As such, many lawyers are reluctant to take legal action, with some even advising their clients to agree to an unfavorable settlement offer rather than deal with the logistics of filing a lawsuit. However, if the insurer or another opposing party refuses to agree to a reasonable offer, it may be in your best interests to proceed to trial. At HPIL, our seasoned trial attorneys know what it takes to succeed in even the most complex cases, and will provide tenacious representation from the first day until the final verdict. 
  • We Provide Tailored Representation: As no two personal injury cases are the same, we tailor our approach to the unique circumstances of your claim. We will treat you and your loved ones with compassion, respect, and professionalism from the moment you pick up the phone.  

Discuss Your Case with a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Echo Park Today 

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