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While truck operators and truck companies must adhere to strict regulations to reduce the risk of causing accidents, crashes do still happen. Wrecks involving these giant vehicles can be disastrous; victims often suffer catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities, incurring substantial damages in the form of medical costs, lost earnings, and other losses. Thankfully, our Echo Park truck accident attorneys might be able to help you hold the at-fault parties accountable. 

From gathering the necessary evidence to prove liability and damages to representing you throughout settlement negotiations and trial, we can assist with almost every aspect of your claim. Contact us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS to request a free case assessment.  

What Damages Are Available in My Truck Wreck Claim? 

Suffering a serious injury in a collision involving a truck can have a disastrous impact on your emotional, physical, and financial well-being. While you cannot erase your memories of this traumatic experience, you may be able to recover compensation for the losses of you’re incurred. A fair settlement can give you the funds you need to pick up the pieces and get your life back on track. 

Let’s take a look at the three categories of damages available to personal injury victims in California: 

  • Economic Damages: This category of losses will usually make up a significant portion of the eventual settlement in your case. Your direct and indirect expenses fall under the umbrella of economic damages. Recoverable damages can include ambulance fees, hospital bills, lost earnings, the cost of ongoing rehabilitation, office copays, emergency department charges, and the cost of replacement services. 
  • Non-Economic Damages: A serious accident can take an immense toll on your mental well-being. Victims often endure extreme pain and suffering, finding it difficult to enjoy their everyday lives. These intangible losses are known as non-economic damages and can cover anything from emotional distress to loss of companionship. As these damages aren’t accompanied by bills or invoices, proving such losses can be challenging. Fortunately, a resourceful truck accident attorney will know which types of evidence will be necessary to demonstrate your non-economic damages. Such proof may include personal injury journal entries, psychiatric reports, and expert witness deposition. 
  • Punitive Damages: While economic and non-economic damages are intended to reimburse claimants for losses stemming from a wreck, punitive damages are awarded to penalize defendants for acting with fraud, malice, or oppression.  

What Mistakes Should I Avoid When Filing a Personal Injury Claim? 

Write a statement, gather proof, and fill out the necessary paperwork; on the surface, filing a truck accident claim seems like a simple undertaking. However, if you’ve ever had to deal with an insurer before, you know that even an open-and-shut case can turn into a back-and-forth battle. 

Insurers make a profit by taking in more in premiums than they pay out in claims. As such, insurance adjusters are incentivized to dig up evidence that could be used to lodge disputes and reduce or deny claims. Ultimately, if you’ve made any mistakes, it’s incredibly likely that the insurance company will leverage such errors to their advantage.  

At HPIL, we have decades of collective experience handling personal injury claims. We’re intimately familiar with the types of strategies employed by the state’s insurance companies to reduce or deny claims, and can help you mitigate or counter disputes that might arise throughout proceedings. Our skilled personal injury attorneys can also help guide you through this challenging chapter of your life, overseeing the logistics of your truck accident case so you can turn your attention to other matters. 

Let’s take a look at a few mistakes you should avoid while your claim is pending: 

  • Posting about the Accident on Social Media: Whether you posted images of your injuries, a written account of this traumatic event, or left comments about the progress of your case online, your social media activity could hurt the outcome of your case. The insurer may be monitoring your profiles for any evidence that could be used to dispute liability and damages. For instance, if you uploaded pictures of yourself out at the park just a few days after the wreck, the claims adjuster may use these images as evidence to assert that your injuries can’t be as serious as you are claiming. At HPIL, our attorneys will likely advise you to deactivate your profiles for the duration of proceedings. 
  • Corresponding with the Insurer: After a truck wreck, the insurer may contact you to request a recorded statement. While they might assure you that they just want to hear your side of the story, these “interviews” are often used as an opportunity to gather evidence to dispute your claim. As such, many questions are designed to elicit specific responses that could bring your credibility into question. At HPIL, our attorneys can oversee all correspondence with the insurer so that you won’t have to worry about saying something that could hurt your claim.  
  • Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Treatment: Whether you suffered a serious injury or were able to walk away from the accident, you should always undergo a comprehensive medical assessment as soon as possible after a wreck. Skipping this crucial step could make it difficult for you to recover compensation for your injuries. For example, the insurer may argue that you did not take sufficient steps to mitigate your losses and therefore you are liable for some—or all—of such costs.  

Discuss Your Personal Injury Claim with a Truck Accident Attorney in Echo Park 

The damages stemming from a wreck involving a truck can be crippling, potentially threatening to plunge you and your family into financial turmoil. Fortunately, the payout in a truck accident claim could give you the funds you need to stay afloat. Dial 1-800-GO-HARRIS or head over to our contact form HERE to secure a free case review.