Fountain Valley Slip and Fall Attorneys

Fountain Valley Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

The area’s stores, restaurants, and other public properties are popular among locals and visitors alike. However, a negligent employee or careless property owner can turn a day out into an extended hospital stay. Slip and fall accidents often lead to serious injuries such as spinal injuries and brain trauma. If you were the victim of such an incident, turn to our Fountain Valley slip and fall attorneys. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience handling a wide variety of claims, including wrongful death and personal injury cases. Contact us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS to discuss your options with a member of our legal team.

Will My Slip and Fall Accident Case Go to Trial?

Stern judges, hostile defense attorneys, and complex proceedings—the courtroom can be an intimidating space. As such, you likely want to skip the headaches and hassles of trial entirely. Fortunately, very few cases move to this stage of proceedings, with most claims settled during negotiations. However, if disputes arise that cannot be resolved, you may have no other option than to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Below are a few more factors that could influence how your claim unfolds:

  • The Strength of the Evidence You’ve Collected: Strong evidence is fundamental to a successful claim. Without it, you’ll have trouble building a convincing case against the defendant and may face numerous disputes during negotiations or trial. While your attorney will take steps to obtain the necessary evidence to prove liability, causation, and damages, it may help to start gathering information at the accident scene. For instance, you could take photos of your injuries, take down the contact details of any eyewitnesses, note the positions of nearby surveillance cameras, and write a firsthand account of how the accident happened.
  • Whether There Are Multiple Liable Parties: In some scenarios, one party may be entirely responsible for causing the accident. However, there are many situations—particularly when it comes to slip and fall accidents—where fault is shared among multiple parties. In some cases, you may even be held liable for some of your damages. During proceedings, it’s not uncommon for parties to dispute how liability is apportioned. If those involved are unable to reach an agreement, you may be left with no other choice than to file a lawsuit.
  • The Nature of Negotiations: If you’re not pursuing a significant amount, you have not sustained a catastrophic injury or permanent disability, and you have prepared a convincing case, settling your claim may be relatively straightforward. However, if you are pursuing a larger sum, you should expect to meet resistance from the insurer. As insurance companies make a profit by paying out less in claims than they bank in premiums, the claims adjuster often has a strong incentive to unearth evidence that could be used to reduce your financial award. If the insurer refuses to agree to a fair settlement, your lawyer might advise you to file a lawsuit to obtain reasonable compensation.

Should I Seek Medical Treatment Even If My Injuries Aren’t Very Serious?

Many catastrophic injuries and serious conditions might—at least at first—present with relatively minor symptoms. For example, common symptoms of brain trauma include fatigue and headaches. After an accident, you might not think you need immediate treatment, but delaying a diagnosis could cause your condition to deteriorate. You could also face disputes from the insurer. Here are a few more reasons you should seek treatment as soon as possible after a slip and fall:

  • You Can Tie Your Injuries to the Fall: To win a settlement or verdict in a slip and fall accident case, you must be able to prove these three fundamental elements: liability, causation, and damages. As such, you will not only need prove that the defendant caused the accident and that you suffered damages, but that the tort led to your injuries. The sooner you seek medical treatment, the easier it will be for your Fountain Valley slip and fall attorney to tie your injuries to the incident. Delaying a diagnosis could open the door to disputes. For example, the insurer may assert that you suffered your injuries in a separate accident as the date of your medical assessment does not line up with the day of the slip and fall.
  • The Insurer Wants to See Official Details: A dutiful healthcare provider will make sure to record details about your injuries as part of your official medical records. As such, scheduling a doctor’s appointment will kickstart a trail of information that could play a crucial part in helping you win your slip and fall claim. Comprehensive medical records are one of the most reliable ways to demonstrate your damages. Typically, medical records will document the extent of your injuries, prescribed medication, procedures undergone, recommended medical treatments, and other elements important to your recovery. Our Fountain Valley slip and fall accident attorneys may rely on these records to help approximate a fair settlement, tie your injuries to the accident, and develop strategies to counter disputes that may arise during proceedings.
  • You Could Prevent Your Condition from Worsening: Without immediate treatment, many serious conditions can worsen over time, leading to further complications and additional medical bills. However, a prompt diagnosis isn’t just about your well-being; taking this crucial step could also help you avoid disputes over failure to mitigate damages.