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If you or someone you love was recently injured due to another person's negligent behavior, you probably feel a mix of frustration, confusion, and worry. The steps that you take over the coming days, weeks, and months will have a profound impact on the outcome of your claim and your financial future. The Lake Elsinore personal injury attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers understand what you are going through, and we are here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Since our founding, we have successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of personal injury and wrongful death throughout California. During your free initial consultation, an accident lawyer will review each detail of your case and explain how you should proceed. To discuss your claim with a seasoned injury attorney in Lake Elsinore, contact our law firm today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS.

Lake Elsinore Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You If You Were Injured in:

There are countless ways that another person's negligence, carelessness, or malicious behavior could result in a serious injury or wrongful death. It is important that you find a knowledgeable attorney who understands the laws that apply to your particular case and who can determine the most appropriate legal strategies for your claim. The personal injury lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers have an extensive background in tort claims including:

  • Car Accident Claims
  • Motorcycle Accident Claims
  • Pedestrian Accident Claims
  • Commercial Truck Accident Claims
  • Bus Accident Claims
  • Bike Accident Claims
  • Train Wreck Claims
  • Uber & Lyft Accident Claims
  • Bird Scooter Accident Claims
  • Turo Accident Claims
  • Aircraft Accident Claims
  • Burn Injury Claims
  • Spinal Cord Injury Claims
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Claims
  • Dog Bite Claims
  • Boating Accident Claims
  • Premises Liability Claims
  • Trip or Slip and Fall Claims
  • Wrongful Death Claims
  • Other Personal Injury Claims

Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

After a serious injury or the loss of a loved one, most people just want to recover the compensation they need as quickly as possible so they can move on with life. Fortunately, the majority of personal injury and wrongful death cases never make it to trial. Our goal at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is to help you collect a fair settlement without going to trial; however, depending on the facts of your case, filing a lawsuit and going to court may be the best decision. Here are a few factors that might influence whether your case goes to trial:

  • Extent of Your Injuries: If you suffered a permanent disability that will require ongoing treatment, the opposing party might not be willing to offer a settlement that includes all future and non-economic damages. In this situation, it may be best to take the case to trial to fight for the compensation you deserve. If you accept a low settlement, you might wind up in overwhelming debt due to future medical bills and loss of earning capacity.
  • Cause of Your Injuries: If the defendant acted with malice, oppression, or fraud, you may be able to recover punitive damages if you take the case to trial.
  • Opposing Party’s Willingness to Cooperate: Sometimes insurance companies or defendants are simply unwilling to offer a fair settlement despite having clear evidence of liability and damages. The Lake Elsinore personal injury attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are more than willing to take your case to trial to enforce your rights.
  • Liability Disputes: There are many reasons why a liability dispute might arise. If more than one party is liable for your damages or if the opposing party contends that you were partially at fault, it may be necessary to take your case to trial.
  • Strength of Evidence: If you do not have strong evidence to prove liability and damages, the opposing party might refuse to offer a fair settlement. If our attorneys believe that there is a good chance that you would prevail at trial, we may recommend taking your case to court.

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There are many factors to consider after a serious injury or death in the family. Whom can you trust to help you navigate the claims process? How will you pay for the medical bills and property damage you incurred in the accident? The Lake Elsinore personal injury attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers can answer your questions and offer comprehensive legal guidance. Even if you are confident that your case will prevail, one small mistake could be all it takes to derail your claim. The accident lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will help you avoid crucial errors and will make sure the opposing party treats you fairly. You should not have to pay for medical expenses, lost income, property repairs, and other damages that another person caused. To learn about your legal rights and discuss how to proceed with your claim, call our office today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS or use our contact form to arrange a free case assessment. We will fight for you!