Westminster Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Westminster Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

California’s scenic routes are a motorcyclist’s paradise, but even these idyllic rides aren’t safe from errant motorists. Every year, hundreds of bikers are seriously hurt in avoidable accidents with many suffering catastrophic injuries and long-term health complications. At HPIL, our Westminster motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated to helping accident victims and their loved ones seek compensation for their losses. With decades of collective experience handling personal injury claims, we can assist with all aspects of your case, from gathering evidence to providing representation during legal proceedings. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS to find out more about our legal services.

Can I Use Social Media While My Claim Is Pending?

In the wake of a motorcycle accident, it’s only natural to feel confused, traumatized, and in desperate need of emotional support. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter make it easy to connect with those close to you, giving you an immediate outlet to confide in your circles and vent your frustrations.  However, discussing the details of the accident, your injuries, or your personal injury claim on these online forums could affect the outcome of your claim. It’s not unheard of for insurers to comb through social media feeds to find any information that could be used to dispute liability and damages. Often, it takes just a single comment, review, or picture to bring your case crashing down. At HPIL, we will likely advise you to deactivate your accounts until your claim is resolved. However, we understand that this may not be possible in your situation. Here are a few ways you can protect your claim next time you go online:

  • Do Not Accept New Friend Invites: In the digital age, every connection request represents a chance to expand your social circles or nurture your professional networks. However, while your claim is pending, you need to be vigilant about who you accept into your “friend list”. If you’re not careful, you could be inviting in a world of trouble for your personal injury claim. The next friend request might just be from an opposing party. Once accepted, these individuals will have the freedom to comb through your posts, picking out any pictures and comments that could be used to dispute liability and damages. As such, until your claim concludes, you should not greenlight any new connection requests.
  • Do Not Post Pictures of Yourself: The weeks following a motorcycle accident can be challenging to say the least. Not only may you be in significant pain, but the effects of your injuries can also take a toll on your quality of life leaving you feeling downright miserable. However, even during these dark days, there may still be a few bright moments. When the pain and suffering give way to a minute of happiness, you may be tempted to take a few pictures to share with friends and family online. However, even these innocent snaps could become ammunition in the hands of the insurance company. For instance, if you post images of you and your kids playing basketball a few days after the accident, opposing parties could argue that you ignored your doctor’s orders to rest. This could lead to reductions to your financial award.
  • Do Not Make Your Account Public: Tech-savvy users have long stressed the potential hazards of a “public” account. In this setting, anyone—whether it’s a cybercriminal, malicious colleague, or representative from the insurance company—can browse your posts at their own leisure. Switching to “private” will restrict access to only those in your circles, minimizing the chances that your posts will fall into the wrong hands. However, there are still ways around this digital shield. For example, your connections may screenshot your posts and share them on public forums. Alternatively, the insurance company may be able to file a discovery request during litigation to gain access to comments you’ve made on social media sites. As such, you should not discuss the motorcycle accident, your injuries, or your claim. 


What Qualities Set HPIL Apart from Other Firms in Westminster

What makes a competent attorney? And what separates the good from the great? If you want to hire an attorney to assist with your claim, this question is likely at the top of your mind. While lawyers share the same qualifications, there can be a world of difference between the type of representation two attorneys provide. Simply put, some law firms do not have the trial experience, resources, or knowledge to give your case the attention it deserves. Here are a few reasons our legal team stands out from the rest: 

  • Honest Approach: How much is my claim worth? Will my case go to trial? What are my chances of winning? Some attorneys will give you the answers they think you want to hear, overlooking weaknesses in your case and giving you a false sense of confidence that your claim will result in a successful outcome. Keep in mind that no attorney can guarantee a specific outcome for a motorcycle accident case. At HPIL, we will provide you with an honest assessment of your claim, discussing all possible outcomes and helping you gather the necessary evidence to mitigate or counter disputes that may arise.
  • Tailored Representation: Some attorneys take a one-size-fits-all approach, treating every case the same. Often, these attorneys are looking to secure a quick settlement, regardless of whether the insurer’s offer is fair. At HPIL, you aren’t just another number. We tailor our representation to the unique circumstances of your case, helping you fight for a fair settlement by thoroughly investigating your claim and treating you and your family with compassion and respect from day one.
  • Litigation Experience: Going to trial requires considerable resources and a significant time investment. As such, many attorneys shy away from filing a lawsuit, with some even advising their clients to accept unfair settlements just to avoid the challenges of the courtroom. At HPIL, we relish the opportunity to go to court if it’s in your best interests to do so. Despite the unpredictable nature of litigation and trial, we have a track record of success helping our clients secure multiple six- and seven-figure verdicts.
  • Accessible: Our attorneys will work around your schedule, meeting you wherever suits you best—whether it’s at home, in hospital, or at your local café. From the day of your initial consultation, you will have a direct line to your lawyer who will strive to return your calls, texts, and emails in a timely manner.


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