Even on beautiful Catalina Island, an accident can have you scrambling for local, trustworthy Avalon personal injury attorney. Whether it’s a boating incident, pedestrian injury, or even a small plane crash, our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are available to help 24/7 in your time of need.  Even better? If you cannot make it into our office for a case consultation, we will come to you. With over $300 million dollars in recovered damages for our California clients, our experience speaks for itself. Personal injuries come in all shapes and circumstances, but our Avalon personal injury attorneys treat each client with respect and integrity. In fact, we offer a free initial consultation for you to get to know us. We understand the physical and emotional sufferings due to an injury or the wrongful death of a loved one.

Ways Our Avalon Personal Injury Attorneys Can Assist You on Your Road to Recovery:

  • Boating accident claims: Island life is nearly ideal until someone fails to follow boating safety laws -- especially while boating under the influence. Our Avalon boating injury attorneys know local boating laws, and what it takes to get the just compensation you need to recover and move forward with your life after your injuries.
  • Pedestrian accident claims: With nearly a million visitors to the Avalon area each year, pedestrian accidents are bound to happen on Catalina Island. Avalon’s preferred transportation is walking!  Our personal injury attorneys will fight for your best possible outcome and even facilitate your medical providers as needed.
  • Airplane accident claims: For some, flying on and off of Catalina Island is a favorite way to travel the 22 miles between Avalon and Los Angeles or Long Beach.  If you are injured in a small plane crash, our Avalon airplane accident attorneys gather the information needed for your case to succeed, handle tricky insurance claims for you, and fight on your behalf.
  • Bicycle accident claims: Cycling is a popular Avalon option. You may be injured by a cyclist or injured  while riding a bike on the Island due to someone’s careless or distracted moment.  These accidents can be challenging to prove. Our Avalon bicycle accident lawyers will help you every step of the way.
  • Car and motorcycle accident claims: Required vehicle permits on Catalina Island means fewer car or motorcycle accidents occur in Avalon. However, if you are injured in a car crash or a motorcycle accident, your Avalon auto accident attorney is available by phone 24/7.
  • Bus or taxi accident claims: If you’re injured riding the city’s electric bus service or in a taxi accident, you need an experienced Avalon bus and taxi accident attorney. Your insurance company will want to settle quickly.  Making a claim through insurance is not advised without getting legal counsel first. Call Harris Personal Injury Lawyers for your free initial consultation. Our Avalon personal injury attorneys do not get paid until you do!
  • Turo, Lyft, and Uber accident claims: While these services are limited due to vehicle permits in Avalon, golf carts are widely available for rent. Hotel shuttle accidents, moped crash injuries, scooter accidents and golf cart accidents create various personal injury challenges. Especially in unusual personal injury claims circumstances, your honest Avalon personal injury lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will navigate those challenges for you.
  • Dog bite accident claims: Our Avalon dog bite attorneys understand the pain and fear that accompany this type of injury. Your physical and mental health is important. We will fight for your best possible dog bite injury recovery.
  • If you are experiencing pain and suffering due to an accident on someone else’s premises -- you may have a premises liability case.  Our premises liability lawyers in Avalon can help you determine this, starting with your free initial consultation.

Whether you’re working or attending any event in Avalon, you have the right to expect business and property owners to keep their facilities safe and well-maintained. For instance, Catalina Island is an amazing destination wedding location. Any number of things can go wrong in a large gathering of people with fun, food, and drink flowing --  like a slip and fall injury. Slip and fall accidents are always stressful, especially when they occur during group events or in party settings. Photos, expert witnesses, medical records, and other possible proofs are a few major reasons why you need to hire an experienced Avalon slip and fall attorney. Back, spine, and brain trauma from these types of accidents cause unique lifelong challenges.  You need sufficient compensation for lost time at work. Consider therapists and other personal assistance necessary to heal from your injuries and move forward with your life.  Your quality of life depends on quality compensation for your current and future losses due to your injuries.

How We Can Help You If You Have Been Injured on Catalina Island

Our personal injury legal team has over a decade of experience fighting for those who have been wrongfully injured. Proving negligence is our specialty at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers. Once hired, our legal team will take over all communication between injured victims and the involved insurance companies. Our main goal is to help our victims recover; mentally, physically and financially. Therefore, we can help facilitate excellent treatment on behalf of our clients, if they have yet to seek treatment. Don’t settle for less -- contact our Avalon personal injury lawyers TODAY if you’re suffering from an injury due to someone’s neglect. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS or contact us online today.