Avalon Slip and Fall Attorneys

Avalon Slip and Fall Attorneys

An uneven floor, dangling cord, or wet surface—these are just a few hazards that can lead to serious slip and fall accidents. Victims often suffer catastrophic injuries such as concussions, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and hip fractures. If you were hurt on someone else’s property, you may be able to seek compensation for your losses. Our Avalon slip and fall attorneys can assist with all aspects of your claim, from gathering evidence to negotiating a fair settlement and litigating your case. We have decades of combined experience overseeing personal injury claims in Avalon and the rest of California. Contact us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS to find out more about our free case reviews.  

What Kinds of Damages Can I Pursue?

If you were seriously hurt in a slip and fall incident, you already know the impact this traumatic event can have on many aspects of your life. A serious injury can cost thousands of dollars to treat putting immense strain on your finances. Additionally, many victims experience considerable pain for weeks after a fall, and some are unable to work due to limitations stemming from their injuries. A settlement or verdict in a personal injury case won’t ease the pain and trauma you’ve endured, but it can go some way towards helping you get your life back on track. As such, you may be eager to find out what your case is worth. While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome in your case—no attorney or law firm can—we can review the available evidence and consult with expert witnesses to estimate fair compensation for your losses.  Let’s explore some of the damages we may consider when approximating the potential recovery in your case:

  • Medical Costs: Claimants can pursue compensation for both past medical expenses and future costs of care. They can also seek reimbursement for prescription drugs, physical therapy, home care, medical equipment, and other expenses related to their ongoing treatment.
  • Lost Wages: If your injuries impede your ability to work, you might be able to seek compensation for lost earnings. Additionally, if you suffered a permanent injury or disability that will make it impossible to return to work ever again, you may be able to seek compensation for diminished earning capacity.
  • Non-Economic Damages: In California, plaintiffs can seek compensation for non-economic damages such as mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, pain, and suffering.
  • Other Economic Damages: Did you have to make modifications to your home or vehicle to accommodate limitations stemming from your injuries? Did you have to have to make use of alternative transportation while recovering from your injuries? Were you forced to invest in childcare services because your condition left you unable to take care of your kids? Many of these expenses may be recoverable as part of your claim.

What Steps Should I Take After an Injury?

If you suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident, it’s only normal to feel depressed, stressed, and angry at those who caused you harm. However, it’s important to take a deep breath and calm down as the actions you take immediately after this traumatic event can have a major influence on the outcome of your claim. The insurance company will likely be looking for any reason to devalue or deny your claim. If you made any mistakes, these errors could be leveraged against your case, depriving you of the funds you need to get your life back on track. With that in mind, let’s look at a few steps you can take to protect your claim in the aftermath of a slip and fall accident:

  • Seek Medical Treatment: If you delay your medical evaluation, your condition could deteriorate, which may lead to a less favorable prognosis. Additionally, you may have suffered a serious injury that has latent symptoms such as an internal injury or brain trauma. However, a prompt diagnosis isn’t only important to your well-being, it could also help you avoid disputes when you file your slip and fall accident claim. For instance, if you delayed your diagnosis, the insurer might assert that your decision to forego a medical evaluation contributed to your injuries, and you could be held partially liable for your medical costs and other losses.
  • Follow Your Treatment Plan: During your recovery, your doctor’s word is law. Whether he or she has told you to avoid physical activity, take time off work to let your injuries heal, or attend follow-ups, you should never go against their instructions. Otherwise, the insurer may contend that your own negligence caused your condition to deteriorate.
  • Do Not Provide a Recorded Statement: Any emails or recorded statements you give the insurer could be misrepresented by the claims adjuster to challenge your case. Rather than risk saying something that could harm your claim, you should let your Avalon slip and fall attorney oversee all dialogue with the insurance company.
  • Set Your Social Media Accounts to ‘Private’: Logging onto social media to connect with friends and family has become as natural as picking up the phone. As such, after an accident, you may want to reach out to your loved ones online to discuss this traumatic experience. However, if your account is set to ‘public’, anyone can see what you post—including the insurer. It’s not unheard of for claims adjusters to misrepresent Facebook comments, Tweets, and Instagram posts to dispute aspects of a claim. For instance, if you uploaded a picture of yourself engaging in physical activity just a few days after the accident, the insurer may assert that your injuries are not as serious as your attorney is claiming. As such, we advise most of our clients to disable their social media profiles for the duration of the claims process. However, if this isn’t possible in your situation, you should at least set your accounts to ‘private’ and ask friends and family not to publish anything about you, the accident, your injuries, or your claim.

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Suffering an injury after a fall can derail your life in an instant, disrupting your normal routines and wreaking havoc on your finances. Fortunately, filing a personal injury claim can help you and your family get your hands on the funds you need to get your lives back on track. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS or head over to our online form HERE to schedule a free case assessment.