With beautiful stretches of beach and prime bike paths along Coast Highway, Carlsbad is a hotspot for people who love the outdoors. Boasting many tourist attractions, Carlsbad sees a high volume of cars, bicycles, and motorcycles on its roadways every day. While the traffic is beneficial for the local Carlsbad economy, more traffic typically means more collisions. Whether you are a bicyclist involved in an accident along Coast Highway, or in a vehicle involved in a crash on crowded Palomar Airport Road, it's essential to obtain legal representation from a qualified personal injury lawyer. The attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. are well-known throughout the Carlsbad area as aggressive litigators who fight to get our clients the medical treatment they need to recover and the compensation they deserve.

Our Carlsbad Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help All Accident Claims:

Below are just a few types common of accidents our personal injury attorneys in Carlsbad help with:

  • Car Accidents: Rear-end auto collisions are the most common type of accident occurring in Carlsbad. Often victims of rear-end accidents are left with not only physical pain but are also confused about their insurance coverage and what to do next.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: Often, drivers are negligent while driving along the coast and hit pedestrians walking through a crosswalk or riding their bikes. It is important to know that as a pedestrian, you have the right of way.
  • Slip and Falls: Slip and fall victims come to us often confused as to what their rights are as a slip and fall victim. As a property owner, you must keep your property safe for others. Furthermore, at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we will take all necessary precautions to evaluate your accident before filing a personal injury claim.

Hiring Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. alleviates the burden of dealing with insurance companies, connects you with caring Carlsbad medical providers, and ensures that your focus can be on getting back your health and your life. Our Carlsbad personal injury attorneys are not afraid to go to trial against large insurance companies and have won numerous six-figure and seven-figure settlements to show for it. We believe that every individual is entitled to the same legal representation as large insurance companies.

Why You Will Benefit From Having an Accident Attorney

Many of our current clients try to settle and negotiate a claim with an insurance adjuster on their own. They quickly realize when they submit their medical bills, their bills likely get denied. It is common for insurance adjusters to reject part or even all your personal injury claim. It takes an exceptional legal team to negotiate your claim and fight for your rights. Matter of fact, there is no injury worth suffering without seeking compensation. It is your right in the state of California to seek financial compensation for suffering an injury at another’s expense. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we only practice personal injury litigation and have over a decade of experience working with insurance adjusters and insurance companies. Our attorneys focus solely on accident victims, and their case results are there to prove it.

We Are Carlsbad Personal Injury Attorneys Who Care

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., our clients come first. We know that reputation goes a long way in small communities like Carlsbad, and we are proud to say that most of our clients are referrals from satisfied former clients. The only way to maintain a successful personal injury practice is to keep our clients happy and satisfied. By treating every client with compassion and achieving favorable settlements, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. has established a strong reputation for quality legal representation. Our goal as your legal representation is to help you recover mentally, physically, and financially from your injury. With that being said, if you are struggling to find the right doctor to help treat your injuries, we can locate one for you. If you are struggling to pay your current medical bills, we can help facilitate your further treatment with a doctor who works on a lien basis. This means any medical bills can be paid from any end settlement. Our team is well known within the community of San Diego and work with some of the top doctors, chiropractors, plastic surgeons, neurologists, and more. Understandably we see that not all injuries are recoverable, and that is why we will fight even harder for you to recover financially.

Carlsbad Is Home and We Can Come to You For A Free Consultation

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers charges no upfront fees and is owed nothing unless we win your case. If you have been injured, call our Carlsbad personal injury law office today to schedule a free case consultation. If you cannot make it into our office, we can come to you!