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Any motor-vehicle crash can be catastrophic, but when a train is involved in a collision, the outcome is often fatal. Those who are fortunate enough to survive may suffer debilitating injuries that take months to heal. Some never make a full recovery. If you were hurt or lost a member of your family in a train wreck, our Los Angeles train accident attorneys can evaluate your case for free and help you make strategic decisions. We know what’s at stake after a serious injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. You may be struggling to make ends meet due to medical bills and lost income. Beyond the financial impact, the emotional trauma can make every day seem like a struggle. While filing a claim won’t undo the adversity you’ve experienced, it might help alleviate some of the financial burden on you and your family. To schedule a free consultation at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, call 1-800-GO-HARRIS. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Can a Los Angeles Train Accident Attorney Help?

Under some circumstances, it’s possible for a personal injury victim to navigate the claims process without the help of an attorney. For instance, if there’s strong evidence of negligence, the injuries are minor, only one person was harmed, and all parties agree on the pertinent facts, there wouldn’t be much opportunity for the insurance company to dispute the claim. This, however, is exceedingly rare and almost never applies to train accident cases. One of the biggest mistakes a train accident victim can make is trying to take on the insurance company alone. Some people reason that they can try to navigate the proceedings and hire an attorney at a later date if needed. But by that time, it’s very likely that the claimant has already made a critical mistake that has reduced their chances of winning a fair settlement. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we offer free consultations, so you won’t have to pay anything to find out how we can help with your specific case. One of our Los Angeles train accident lawyers can answer your questions and explain the case law and statutes pertaining to your claim. If you decide to hire us to represent you, we can assist in the following ways:

  • Taking over Correspondence with the Insurer: There are all sorts of tactics the insurance adjuster might use to coerce a statement that brings liability or the severity of your injuries into question. It’s wise to let a seasoned train accident attorney handle this correspondence on your behalf. Otherwise, you risk saying something that can be misrepresented to dispute your claim.
  • Gathering Evidence: There are multiple parties who might be liable for a train accident, and it’s not uncommon for several parties to share liability. Due to California’s joint and several liability laws, it’s advisable to name all potentially liable parties in your claim since this might increase your chances of recovering compensation for 100 percent of your economic damages, which may include medical bills, lost income, and other objectively verifiable losses. But no matter how many parties contributed to the accident, you won’t be able to recover a single dollar unless you have strong evidence to prove liability and damages. Our Los Angeles train accident lawyers can investigate the crash and gather all available evidence. It’s often necessary to bring in medical, financial, and accident reconstruction experts to provide testimony in these cases. We can arrange that testimony if we believe it would strengthen your claim.
  • Helping You Make Informed Decisions: There are countless errors a personal injury victim can make that would lead to a dispute, delay, or other complication. Some of the costliest mistakes are made inadvertently. For instance, a single photo or text post on social media could be all it takes to bring the severity of your injury into question. And if you ignore your doctor’s instructions even minorly—for example, by returning to work a few days too early—this might be considered a failure to mitigate your damages and, thus, prevent you from recovering compensation for 100 percent of your damages. Our lawyers can provide you with the advice you need to avoid these and other mistakes.
  • Approximating a Fair Settlement Amount: How much is my claim worth? This is one of the most common questions we get, but approximating a fair settlement amount requires a careful review of the relevant facts and evidence—and perhaps the input of medical and financial experts. Our lawyers can make sure your claim accounts for all potentially recoverable damages.
  • Litigating Your Case If Needed: If a settlement cannot be reached, our skilled trial attorneys can aggressively represent your interests in court.

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