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What constitutes a wrongful death claim? Death caused by the negligent or careless act of another. It is devastating for families to lose their loved ones from the reckless actions of another. It is especially hard for family members to grieve and deal with insurance companies at the same time. That is where our Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers can help.

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is an award-winning personal injury law firm, with over a decade of success fighting for wrongful death clients against large insurance companies. We know that filing a claim and demanding compensation will not bring back your loved one, but payment can help with funeral costs, lost wages, loss of love and more. If you have lost a loved one and are in need of excellent legal representation, contact our Los Angeles wrongful death law firm today for a free consultation.

Common Los Angeles Wrongful Death Claims

In 2015 alone, there were almost 40,000 people who were injured or killed in an accident in Los Angeles. 2,123 of those people were on motorcycles. 3,286 of those people were pedestrians. 2,162 of those people were bicyclists, and 3,300 of those accidents were alcohol-related accidents (California Office of Traffic Safety).

Many factors derived from negligence causes fatal crashes involving motor vehicles. Among many cases, these three causes are the leading causes of deadly accidents:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Drunk Driving or DUI
  • Speeding

There is nothing worse for a family than dealing with insurance companies while grieving the death of a loved one. It is important to know that in the state of California, there are specific statutes of limitations, essentially time limits for a wrongful death claim to be filed. It is always best to contact a wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible to establish a claim and file. Once hired, our team of wrongful death lawyers will take over all communication on behalf of our clients between insurance companies and medical providers to alleviate any additional stress. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers has a team of case managers, paralegals, and attorneys who are readily available to give every client the necessary attention and legal advice.

Why Harris Personal Injury Lawyers?

When searching for a wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles, it is essential to find an attorney with experience, and trial success. Most wrongful death claims do require litigation and the attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are confident and have years of experience fighting for the rights of wrongful death descendants. Our team of attorneys has an excellent success record and case results. It is common for insurance companies to low ball and diminishes the value of your claim without representation.

If you are considering taking legal action related to your loved one’s death, do know that at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers we will demand compensation for all possible damages and from the liable party. Funeral expenses lost wages, future earnings and pain and suffering are a few to name. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, our wrongful death attorneys work solely on a contingency fee agreement. This means that if we do not win your case, we do not get paid. Let us fight for your loved one’s rights! If you cannot make it to our office for a free case evaluation, we can come to you!

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