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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) just issued a press release regarding the 12th U.S. fatality linked to defective Takata air bag inflators. According to the NHTSA, Honda recently notified them of a death that happened in June of 2016 involving a defective Takata air bag inflator. Initial reports indicate that the driver side air bag inflator ruptured while somebody was making repairs to the 2001 Honda Accord. The fatal incident occurred in Hialeah, Florida. Both the make and model of vehicle involved and the climate of the location are well known as being higher-risk elements for inflator ruptures.

Attempted Vehicle Repair Leads to Air Bag Inflator Rupture

Apparently, the individual working on the vehicle was not the owner.  That person was attempting to make repairs when the ignition switch was in the “on” position. Somehow, the air bag was triggered and the inflator was activated. The inflator ruptured during the deployment of the air bag. That person died the following day due to injuries suffered from the ruptured air bag inflator. 2001-2003 Honda and Acura vehicles have shown to be at a higher risk for ruptures during air bag deployments. Many of these models have the “Alpha” inflators, which are much more likely to rupture on deployment than other inflators. Additionally, we know that vehicles in hot and humid climates are also much more likely to suffer from a rupture than vehicles in cooler drier climates.

Defective Takata Air Bags

As of this latest press release, of the 12 U.S. fatalities confirmed to be linked with defective Takata air bags, 11 of those have involved Honda vehicles. The NHTSA is urging anybody with open recalls on their vehicles to get them fixed immediately. Those with 2001-2003 Honda vehicles are at a particularly high risk. Also, anybody in a hot or humid climate with an open recall needs to get this taken care of immediately. If you’re not sure if your vehicle is under recall, check using’s VIN lookup tool. If your vehicle has any kind of recall, whether it involves Takata air bags or not, contact your local dealership for a free repair.

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