2020 Report on Takata Air Bag Recall2020 Report on Takata Airbag Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued their fourth report on the state of the Takata airbag recalls. Last year, there were nearly five million additional repairs of defective airbag inflators, and as of December 2020, 13 automakers reported total completion percentages of at least 70 percent, seven had at least 80 percent and one had more than 90 percent completed.

According to the NHTSA, as of January 2021, approximately 67 million inflators are under recall from 19 different automakers. At this time, approximately 50 million of those have been repaired or are otherwise accounted for.


Exploding Airbag Recall

If you’ve been following the Takata airbag recall, you know that if these airbags are unrepaired, they can explode when deployed and send shrapnel into the face and neck regions of passenger occupants. At this time, 18 people are known to have been killed by these faulty airbags in the U.S., and the latest report shows that over 400 people have been injured.

Some details from the 2020 Takata airbag recall report include information about the continued efforts to contact vehicle owners and other issues facing automakers as they work to repair defective airbag inflators across the U.S. State DMVs have even stepped up to the plate to help get the word out about the recall by using letters with their logos or state emblems on them.


Takata Air Bag Recall Looking Forward into 2021

At this time, 17 million inflators have yet to be repaired or accounted for. After an additional two fatal incidents in 2020, safety advocates are calling on auto manufacturers to continue to work as quickly as possible to get the remaining defective airbags repaired. Experts are calling on focused efforts to accelerate recall completion in an effort to protect people from preventable injuries or death.

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