Caltrans Fixing roads

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has just issued a press release about the $217 million allocated to improve and maintain California’s multimodal transportation system. The funds are being allocated from the California Transportation Commission (CTC). The money will go towards 72 projects to improve and upgrade the state’s aging roadways and bridges. In addition to various roadway improvement projects, there are also plans involving transit and rail system upgrades. Funds will be allocated to projects associated with encouraging the use of alternative forms of transportation for pedestrians and cyclists too.

Multi-Million Dollar California Transportation Projects

Approximately $130.8 million will be used for 23 “fix-it-first” projects. These projects are high priority issues that involve repairing broken and bumpy pavement and other critical problems and areas in need of attention on roadways across the State of California. This money will also be used in preserving roads to ensure they are in good condition and are protected from unnecessary and early deterioration. Additional projects include a $50 million allocation of funds for two transit and intercity rail program projects, $22 million for 40 active transportation programs and $3 million for three capital improvement projects, on and off of the state highway program. Additional funds are going to various transportation projects around California.

Safety Upgrades and Improvements on California Roads

Improvements to damaged roads can help to improve safety for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and other roadway users in California. Some of the safety upgrades planned include improving intersection sight distance at various locations as well as safety roadside rest areas. These projects are expected to improve the roadways, non-motor-vehicle transportation systems, the environment and the economy.

Car Accidents in San Diego

Roadway users in California can look forward to these future improvements of the state’s transportation systems. Improving safety and access to non-motor-vehicle transportation options will be great for pedestrians, cyclists and those interested in lower-cost, lower environmental impact forms of transportation.

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