filing lawsuit paperwork4 Benefits of Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit (Other Than Money)

If a member of your family has passed away through the fault of another party, you may be on the fence about taking legal action. Some people believe that filing a lawsuit after the death of a loved one is akin to exploiting a tragedy; however, there are a number of benefits to bringing a wrongful death lawsuit outside of the money.


Those benefits include:

  1. Taking Advantage of the Power of Subpoena

The people involved in your family member’s death might be reluctant to provide an honest accounting of what happened. They may fear being held liable for the death. By filing a wrongful death lawsuit, it may be possible to subpoena those people and compel them to provide deposition.

Your lawyer can also file a subpoena to obtain evidence that is being withheld. It is certainly not uncommon for evidence of negligence to be covered up after a wrongful death, but such evidence might be gathered if you bring a lawsuit.


  1. Having the Incident Investigated by a Team You Trust

Even if an investigation is conducted by law enforcement, you cannot count on them to dedicate the time and resources needed to assess the incident from all angles. If you bring a lawsuit, your legal team can perform an investigation of their own. Since they will be your personal advocate, you can trust that they will do what is necessary to uncover evidence of wrongdoing and liability. In fact, it’s not unheard-of for evidence to be uncovered during an attorney’s investigation that leads to criminal charges.


  1. Getting Closure

Nothing can undo the tremendous grief that follows the sudden passing of a loved one. Every day can feel like a struggle. You may be coping with guilt, depression, and anger. Taking legal action might help with the grieving process by bringing certain facts to light that might have otherwise remained unknown. Filing a successful claim can also provide a sense of closure and justice.


  1. Getting Access to Necessary Services

Some people assume that the compensation recovered in a wrongful death action will be used on vacations and other luxury expenses. But this is rarely the case. The unexpected passing of a family member can put tremendous strain on a family’s financial security, and that comes with a number of indirect consequences. For example, if the deceased provided household services or child care, it may be necessary to pay for those services in the wake of the loss. Also, psychological counseling can be expensive but is often invaluable when it comes to coping with the tragedy. All of these services might become accessible by bringing a wrongful death lawsuit.



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