highway accident injury lawyers$562 Million in Highway Safety Grants

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a press release about the $562 million in grants being dedicated to highway safety across the nation. According to the NHTSA, these grants will go towards various highway safety projects in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, United States territories and the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs. The grants will pay for a variety of projects associated with addressing impaired driving, promoting seat belt use, improving pedestrian and cyclist safety and other modern traffic safety concerns.


State and Community Highway Safety Programs

Approximately $297 million of that will go toward State and Community Highway Safety Programs, which will include the following programs:

  • High-visibility enforcement campaigns targeted towards issues like impaired driving and seat belt usage;
  • Enforcement of state laws on seat belt use, impaired driving and distracted driving;
  • Public information and education campaigns regarding holidays and other specifically targeted times of the year;
  • Programs supporting the proper use of child safety seats, including inspection stations for parents and caregivers.


National Priority Incentive Programs

The remaining funds will be awarded to state, territorial and BIA Offices of Highway Safety under the National Priority Incentive Programs and that will include funding for the following programs:

  • $147.5 million to combat drunk and drugged driving;
  • $41.5 million for state traffic safety systems like databases for crash information;
  • $37.1 million for occupant protection education and enforcement;
  • $17 million for distracted driving prevention;
  • $14.3 million for pedestrian and cyclist safety programs;
  • $4.3 million for motorcyclist safety;
  • $2.1 million for impaired driving ignition interlock and 24/7 sobriety programs to enact testing or monitoring of DUI for alcohol use.


Improving Traffic Safety in California

According to the NHTSA, California is at the top of the list for receiving the grant money at about $50.1 million, followed by Texas at $39.2 million and New York at $29 million. Hopefully, this grant funding can help to improve traffic safety for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycle riders and all other roadway users throughout the State of California.

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