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Do recent events such as a car accident have you looking for an Acton personal injury lawyer?  You need prompt legal advice if you are suffering from a personal injury caused by another. Whether you have a premises liability claim or an accident injury, the Acton personal injury attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. have you covered.

Recovering more than $300 million in personal injury claims for their California clients, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers offer winning solutions to personal injury challenges.

Here are the cold, hard facts. Any insurance company is in business for their own profit. Fighting your own insurance company? It’s an added stress you don’t need when you are hurt and vulnerable! You get a free consultation with our compassionate Acton personal injury legal team. Our personal injury lawyers do not get paid unless you are fairly compensated for your losses. Hiring our personal injury attorneys will allow you to recover mentally, emotionally and financially. Contact our personal injury law firm in Acton today to see if you have a viable injury claim.

Even in a Rural Los Angeles County area, Acton Residents Face Many Personal Injury Losses Including:

  • Premises liability claims: If you were injured on someone else’s property or in a local business, you need an experienced attorney who focuses in Acton premises liability claims. Some examples would include a slip and fall injury due to a tripping hazard or slippery floors that were neglected by the property or business owner.
  • Dog bite claims: In Los Angeles county strict leash laws are enforced, but that won’t stop a vicious dog. Normally you have up to two years to file a dog bite claim according to California law. Our Acton dog bite attorneys will help you move swiftly to put fear and injury behind you.

With all the attractions of nearby Los Angeles, other drivers are your biggest personal injury risk. Play it safe! Put our trusted Los Angeles county personal injury lawyers in your cell phone contacts. You’ll get prompt, compassionate, and experienced legal help at your doorstep.

  • Auto accident claims: Your commute to work puts you at risk for a big city car accident. In the event of a car crash, don’t let the big insurance companies wiggle out of helping you recover lost time at work and mounting medical bills. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we will even help facilitate the proper medical providers you need.
  • Truck accident claims: Known for deadly and destructive personal injuries, being involved in a big truck accident is often life-changing. Get the timely legal help you or your loved one needs from an experienced Acton truck accident attorney.
  • Brain and spinal cord injury claims: Often the devastating result of a car or truck accident, these injuries have lifelong consequences. Our skilled personal injury attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. will calculate your losses over a lifetime and fight for the compensation you deserve.
  • Motorcycle accident claims: The Acton area offers many beautiful rides to local bikers including the nearby San Gabriel mountains. Winding, scenic roads and distracted drivers unfortunately increases the risk of motorcycle accidents.
  • Train accident claims: The nearby MetroLink train shared with your Palmdale neighbors offers a handy commuter option. Keep our Acton personal injury lawyer’s number handy on your phone in case of a train accident injury claim.
  • Airplane accident claims: Are you a frequent flyer for business or pleasure? While rare, airplane accidents are deadly and complex, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. has your back.
  • Bus accident claims: You may choose to hop on a bus to attend events in or near Los Angeles. Bus accident claims involving multiple parties and a large corporation means you need an Acton bus accident attorney.
  • Bicycle accident claims: Distracted drivers are a growing danger for cycling enthusiasts. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, a 2016 survey shows that more than 54% of California drivers said they had been hit or nearly hit by another driver who was texting or talking on their cell phone. Imagine if cyclists were surveyed!
  • Pedestrian accident claims: Do you take advantage of big city events in Los Angeles? If you get hit by a car, bus, or bike, you’ll need expert witnesses, medical records, and more to win your case. Our Acton area personal injury lawyers gather all of the needed details for you.
  • Lyft and Uber accident claims: Get our legal help if you’ve been injured using one of these popular forms of transportation in the Los Angeles County area.
  • Turo accident claims: Injured by a driver of a Turo rental car? Complicated insurance claims are carefully handled by our Acton personal injury lawyers.
  • Bird scooter injury claims: A surprisingly popular and dangerous form of transportation, Bird scooter injury claims are escalating!
  • Boating accident claims: Relaxation ends when someone else has fun at your expense on the water. If you’re the victim of a reckless boating accident, call our Acton personal injury attorneys today.

Worst of all, a wrongful death claim due to any form of negligence causes untold suffering for family and friends. Don’t wait to call us at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc.!  

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