Animal Control Officer Attacked by Pit Bulls in Riverside

On Monday morning, a Riverside County animal control officer was hospitalized after being attacked by two pit bulls. According to KTLA News Channel Five, Officer Michael Cox was responding to a call about four loose dogs roaming on a vacant fenced lot in the 2500 block of Mount Vernon Avenue, when he was attacked. When Cox initially arrived on the scene, the dogs appeared friendly, but then one of them bit Cox’s right leg. While that one was attacking, another joined in.

Cox was able to retreat using his retractable containment baton and pepper spray. He called dispatch, and they were able to get the Riverside Fire Department on the scene swiftly. Cox was transported to the hospital for treatment of lacerations and puncture wounds. At least three of the four dogs have been captured, but one of the dogs that attacked Cox is still on the loose.

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