Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is proud to announce another victory. Clients retained Harris Personal Injury Lawyers in May 2010. They had been involved in a rear end motor vehicle collision one year earlier. The insurance company for the defendant had told the clients for over a year that it would not pay the clients’ medical expenses because they were not entitled to any medical treatment and simply could not have been injured in such a minor rear-end collision.  The insurance company took a zero offer position on the clients’ bodily injury claim, despite the fact that they suffered back, neck, and jaw injuries.

The clients had an upcoming bench trial and were without representation.  Harris Personal Injury Lawyers agreed to take on the case and represent the clients in their upcoming bench trial.

Attorney Ryan Harris handled the bench trial with the assistance of the firm’s law clerk Garrett May.  Prior to the trial, the insurance company made no offers to settle the case.  The insurance company’s lawyer hired an accident reconstruction and biomechanical expert.  This expert came to court and testified that the accident was very minor, and therefore, the clients could not have been injured in the collision. At trial, attorney Ryan Harris cross-examined the insurance company’s expert and demonstrated the sloppiness of his work and the flaws in his analysis.

At the close of evidence, and after only deliberating for 5 minutes, the judge returned a $15,920.00 verdict in the clients’ favor.

We have successfully tried numerous personal injury cases to verdict, both small and large. If you or a loved one have been involved in a serious personal injury case please do not hesitate to contact Harris Personal Injury Lawyers to get more information on how we can help.

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