Bradley Liggett joined Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. in May 2013, and represents injured clients out of the San Luis Obispo office. Bradley attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and received his undergraduate degree in Spanish Translation with a minor in Linguistics in 2005. Shortly after receiving his B.A., Bradley then attended Brigham Young University Law and received his Juris Doctorate in 2008. But, who inspired Bradley to become an attorney?

Bradley was inspired by his father who became an attorney after working as a public adjuster for an insurance company. Bradley quickly learned how insurance companies try to lowball people when he worked as a defender for a national insurance defense firm. He now represents injured people and attempts to make insurance companies see his clients as more than a name on a paper. Bradley enjoys building relationships with his clients so that he can tell their story in a powerful and convincing way. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. is proud to have Bradley represent injured clients in the San Luis Obispo area.

Was there someone who influenced you to become an attorney? “My dad decided to go to law school at age 46. He was a public adjuster before that. My dad specialized in real property losses due to fire, wind, and water. So as a kid, I would sometimes travel around with my dad checking out the charred remains of burnt down houses. He would tell me how the insurance company would then lowball these people whose houses burnt down.”

What universities did you attend? “I received my B.A. from BYU in 2005 in Spanish Translation, with a minor in Linguistics.  I received my J.D. at BYU Law in 2008. I love learning foreign languages. I was an exchange student in Costa Rica for a summer.”

What do you enjoy most about being a personal injury attorney? “I like following in my father’s footsteps and battling the insurance companies when they are being unreasonable, especially when peoples’ lives or livelihoods are on the line.”

What are you passionate about? “I love to travel. I ate a pig’s head in Paraguay and ate a llama and guinea pig in Peru. Took a wrong turn hiking and accidentally climbed the peak of Machu Picchu with my wife. A shopkeeper in Naples told me my Italian was better than my friends who had lived there for 2 years!”

What is your philosophy when representing a client? “I try and make the insurance company see my client as more than a name on a paper. These are living, breathing people whose lives are altered by someone else’s negligent act.”

 What is your favorite food? “Biscuits and gravy. Except it’s so risky because the style, flavor, and quality vary so widely from place to place.”

 What is your favorite professional sport? Team? “I like watching football. It’s better than soccer in that scoring happens more frequently but every score still matters. For playing, it’s tie between basketball and racquetball. My high school racquetball team won the national championship in 1998.”

Fun Fact about you or your family? My son Winslow earned his first paycheck when he appeared in a Pampers ad as a baby.”


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