Derek Waldron is the Southern California Managing Attorney for Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. Derek began working in the field of personal injury law in 2002, after graduating from University of California Irvine. Derek then graduated Cum Laude from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California.

Derek’s successes directly correlate with his philosophy of representing and treating every client as if they were his own family member.  Derek has handled thousands of cases from the preparation stage to negotiation and settlement. He has years of knowledge and experience with auto accidents, wrongful deaths, dog bites, slip and falls, you name it.  Derek knows how to alleviate stress from his clients and aggressively get the compensation they deserve. As a family man, Derek treats his employees and co-workers with the utmost compassion and respect. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is honored to have an attorney like Derek.


Was there someone who influenced you to be an attorney? I associated with Ryan Harris long before I was an attorney. There were several people that influenced me along the way to becoming an attorney but I give credit to Ryan for being the biggest influence and mentor.

What do you like most about being a PI attorney? The satisfaction that comes in those moments when I clearly recognize that either through my personal efforts, or the efforts of the firm, a positive and lasting impact has taken place in a client’s life after they’ve suffered from the effects of an unexpected injury.

What are you the most passionate about? Family.

What is your favorite app? Spotify – any song, any time, at your fingertips. You can’t beat that.

What is your philosophy when representing a case? Treat every client as if you were representing your very own family member.

Lastly, a fun fact or something exciting about you or your life/family. The fact that I am one of twelve children usually catches people by surprise. It’s true, my parents were nuts! But the most amazing people in the world.

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