This month we’ve decided to spotlight the Central and Northern California managing attorney, Jared Salter. Jared’s story is not your average ‘attorney in the making’ type story. Jared developed a career in business before ever thinking about becoming an attorney. His undergrad education began at Brigham Young University, and upon receiving his degree, he decided to further his education and attend Central European University Business School in Budapest, Hungary. Jared holds a Master’s in Business Administration degree. That being said, Jared spent over 7 years in Europe before returning to the states to become a lawyer.

Working for Harris Personal Injury Lawyers for over 8 years, Jared has prepared and negotiated thousands of pre-litigation settlements on behalf of his clients. Furthermore, Jared utilized his experiences as a successful negotiator and has handled thousands of cases from the preparation stage to settlement. Jared is a fearless leader who is willing to fight for each one of his clients. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is honored to have an attorney like Jared.

Was there someone who influenced you to be an attorney?

I came to Harris Personal Injury as a non-lawyer, so closely watching Ryan and some of the other attorneys at the firm was certainly an inspiration for me to go to law school. I worked full time and attended law school at night and on the weekends for nearly 4 years.

What schools did you go to?

I went to high school in Eureka, CA. My undergraduate degree was in English from Brigham Young University. Then I moved to Europe to complete a Masters of Business Administration in Budapest Hungary. My law degree is from the Monterey College of Law (SLO campus).

What do you like most about being a PI attorney?

PI allows me to work directly with people from the entire spectrum of human experiences. The legal questions we resolve can be similar from case to case, but it’s the people behind the cases that are always changing and keeping it interesting for me.

What are you the most passionate about? 

In addition to my cases, I’m involved in the business operations of the law firm. So, I’m passionate not just about my clients, but also seeing the growth and success of our firm over the past few years. Outside of work I’m one of those people who always has a new idea or hobby. Currently I’m really getting into woodworking.

What is your philosophy when representing a case?

For me, the case is more about the person than the legal issue. If my client is happy, then I’m happy. Some lawyers get so wrapped up in the legal issues they start believing it’s their case, not the client’s case. I make recommendations, but ultimately, it’s the client who has the final decision on the outcome of the case.

Favorite restaurant in San Luis Obispo?

Ember restaurant in Arroyo Grande.

Favorite place to vacation?

Someplace I haven’t been before. I like to experience new things, so I’ll rarely go to the same place twice. Last year I went to Cuba and next year our family is going to Iceland.

Favorite band/concert?

I had the chance to see Chris Cornell do an acoustic show in Santa Barbara shortly before he died. The show was good, and I was glad I got to experience that before he left us.

A fun fact or something exciting about you or your life/family.

I’m married with two daughters and a son (ages 11, 9, and 7). One of our family dogs just had 11 puppies so we (mostly my wife, honestly) are up in the night taking care of little ones again.

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