jonathan spotlight

This month’s spotlight attorney is Jonathan Koehle. Jonathan G. Koehle grew up in Sonoma County and completed his undergrad in at Brigham Young University in Utah.  He continued his dream of becoming an attorney by attending Georgetown Law.  Shortly after, Jonathan moved to Santa Barbara to work for Harris Personal Injury Lawyers. He found his passion for personal injury when he realized how much he enjoyed helping people. He is now an attorney in our San Diego office, and the team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is happy to have him on board to fight aggressively on behalf of our neighbors involved in auto accidents, dog bites and other types of San Diego personal injury cases.

Was there someone who influenced you to be an attorney? “Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mocking Bird—one of the few movies that are as good as the book. He played a lawyer who helped people who didn’t have the resources to help themselves. His sense of duty, civility, and subtle strength are traits every lawyer should exemplify.  We both also have deep voices.”

What schools did you go to? “Maria Carrillo High School, Brigham Young University and Georgetown Law”

What do you like most about being a PI attorney? “Making clients happy and making legal arguments in court.”

What are you the most passionate about? “I really enjoy interesting stories and hearing about the myriad experiences that everybody has. Personal injury litigation is great for that. I also am passionate about all things water and have a special affinity for elephants.”

What is your philosophy when representing a case? “My job is to help my clients get what they deserve with as little pain as possible. I can zealously advocate without sacrificing integrity and civility.”

What is your favorite food? “Caesar salad, specifically the one I make.”

Lastly, a fun fact or something exciting about you or your life/family. “I write fiction novels in my spare time which can be purchased on Amazon.”

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