This month we’ve decided to spotlight our founder and Managing Attorney, Ryan D. Harris. Ryan founded Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. in the Summer of 2005 in Oceanside, California. Over the years, Ryan expanded the Firm’s services to all injured persons and their families throughout the State of California. Today, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. has twelve offices along the California Coastline, beginning in San Diego and ending in Oakland. Ryan employs a legal team of nearly 100 to help fight for injured people and has no plans to let up on that fight anytime soon.

Ryan grew up with three attorneys in his family who inspired him to follow in their footsteps and become an attorney as well. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a minor in History, Ryan received an academic scholarship to Cal Western School of Law, a private law school in San Diego. Ryan graduated with honors, and immediately began working for a personal injury law firm in San Diego. But Ryan knew in his heart, that opening up his own practice would fulfill his dreams.

Ryan has a passion for protecting the rights of severely injured individuals. Over the years, he has seen hundreds of examples of just how badly an accident can impact a person and his or her family’s life, which drives him to fight hard to obtain justice for his clients. With Ryan’s leadership, the legal team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. has collectively represented over 5,000 clients, and has successfully recovered over $300,000,000 in settlements and trial verdicts.

Ryan Harris is not only an aggressive litigator and savvy businessman, he is a family man and world traveler. When he isn’t at work, he is with his family on his farm in San Luis Obispo.

An Interview with Personal Injury Attorney, Ryan Harris:

Was there someone who influenced you to be an attorney?

“Growing up, I had 3 uncles who were practicing attorneys. They probably influenced me the most. I remember tagging along to court with my uncle Mike when I was just a teenager and imagining myself being in the courtroom and advocating for clients.”

What schools did you go to?

“I have a BA in Spanish and a minor in History from BYU. I attended law school at Cal Western on an academic scholarship.”

What inspired you to open your own personal injury law firm?

“It was born of necessity. I wanted to deliver top quality legal representation to personal injury clients, and I couldn’t find anyone who was doing it and hiring.”

What do you like most about being a PI attorney?

“I enjoy making a positive difference in my clients’ lives.”

What are you the most passionate about?  

“My family, work, Chargers football, traveling, and surfing (probably in that order).”

What is your philosophy when representing a case?

“’Leave no stone unturned,’ which means, we do not rest until we’ve exhausted all means of potential recovery on a case and done our very best to deliver justice to each and every client.”

Did you envision Harris Personal Injury Lawyers to be what it is today?

No. When I started my own practice, I figured it would just be me and a paralegal; however, the exceptional quality of legal work we provide has caused us to grow to be a team of more than 100 people across California.”

Fav place to eat in CA?

“Farmhouse Corner Market in San Luis Obispo, CA.”

Favorite place to vacation?

“Anywhere I’ve never been before”

Favorite band/concert?

“Tough to say, because I enjoy many kinds of music. I really enjoy going to SXSW in Austin, and I try to attend every couple of years.”

A fun fact or something exciting about you or your life/family.

“This last year at our house we’ve been taking care of 25+ chickens, 20+ cows, 12 turkeys, 8 pigs, 3 dogs, 2 goats, and a cat.”

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