social media post accident

Posting to social media daily is considered the norm in this intertwined digital age. We get world news, local news, friendship updates, break-up updates and even photos of your neighbor’s pizza party at work. Letting your friends and family know you escaped a fatal accident with only, “a few bumps and bruises” by posting a photo to social media can hurt your injury case. Why is that, you may ask? Well, two months later, the bruises have passed, and scrapes have healed, but the lingering lower back pain has not let up. When you finally go to the doctor, they tell you, you have a herniated disc. What do you do now? The defendant’s insurance company will fight against your injury claim and reference your social media post, saying that you truly only had a “few bumps and bruises” from the accident, and this must have been a pre-existing or post-accident injury. They will fight and deny treatment on your behalf. Therefore, once posted, it can be used against you.

Even if you have selected your profile to be in a private setting, you cannot control if your friends or family will share the photo. Once shared, it may reach other people, like the defendant’s insurance company. Privacy settings do not really mean private—once posted on the internet, it is posted and can be used against you.

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