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Baby’s Crib Struck when Driver Crashes into Lakeside Home

Around 2:00 a.m. on Thursday, a driver crashed into a Lakeside house. According to ABC Channel 10 News, the wreck happened on the 8800 block of Los Coches Road. A driver, who was reportedly speeding, crashed into the wall of a baby’s bedroom. The child’s mother was asleep in a bed across from the baby’s crib when the car came through the wall.

According to reporters with ABC Channel 10 News, although the car struck the baby’s crib, he did appear to be okay after the traumatic incident. His parents were very thankful, because the crash could have been worse. The driver just missed a gas meter by a few feet. The driver was taken to the hospital after the crash for treatment of cuts on her hands. This crash is likely still under investigation. There is no word on whether or not drugs or alcohol could have been factors.

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