Why go out to a four-star dinner when you can have it delivered to your doorstep? Why send an important document through snail mail when you can hand deliver it by bike messenger service? Bike messenger services are growing and so are the bike messengers’ injuries. It is important for both drivers and bicyclists to understand the rules of the road,

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we are cyclists ourselves and have a personal connection to protecting the rights of those who have been seriously injured. We know that many drivers are inattentive, negligent or simply disrespectful to cyclists on the road. Bicyclists have a legal right to the road and we fight aggressively to protect cyclists against aggressive drivers and their auto insurance companies. If you do get in an accident, remember our bicycle accident injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience to bring your bike accident injury cases to a successful resolution.

Rules of the Road

  1. Pedestrians Have the Right of Way: Both bicycle riders and drivers must yield to pedestrians in or around crosswalks.
  2. It is Important to Stop Behind Crosswalk: Both bicycle riders and drivers must leave room behind crosswalk line.
  3. Obey Lights and Signs: Both bicycle riders and drivers must obey traffic lights and signs.
  4. Stay on Road: If you are older than thirteen years old, you must ride in the bike lane (not on the sidewalk).
  5. Ride with Traffic: Do not ride on the wrong side of the street against traffic.
  6. Use Full Lane: If parked cars are close, and or your bike lane is too narrow, you may ride your bicycle in the full lane to avoid opening doors.
  7. IT’S OKAY TO LEAVE BIKE LANE: Bicyclists can ride outside of bike lane if they feel endangered. Bicyclists must signal during a lane change. If there is no shoulder or bicycle lane and the traffic lane is narrow, ride closer to the center of the lane.
  8. It’s Important to Signal when Turning: Never make a left turn from the right side of the road, even if you’re in a bicycle lane.

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