Are you one of those women who have mastered the art of putting on foundation, blush or even mascara on while driving your car? A study by Debra Robson, found that 43% of women admitted to putting on their makeup while driving on their daily commute. That is nearly half of women who have actually admitted their dangerous driving faults. Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents. In 2014, Distraction.gov stated, “3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.”

There Are Three Types of Distracted Driving:

  • A visual distraction: taking your eyes off of the road
  • A manual distraction: taking your hands off of the wheel
  • A cognitive distraction: taking your mind off of driving

Why Waking Up Ten Minutes Earlier Will Save You

It takes the average woman ten minutes to put on make-up. Getting up the extra ten minutes will not only allow you to apply your face, but it will allow you to practice safer driving habits. The risk for getting in an accident is too high to even take that chance. Let’s think about the cost of distracted driving… If you cause an accident when applying your lip gloss, your insurance rate will likely go up.  If you cause an accident when putting on foundation, you face the risk of being sued for property damage or bodily injury. If a police officer sees you applying your mascara while driving in California, you’re more than likely to get a $159 ticket, according to AVVO. Are those glossy red lips worth a car accident? Think twice before applying your make-up while driving, and rethink your morning make-up routine.


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