ABC San Diego News Channel 10 recently reported on the most dangerous intersections for cyclists in San Diego. According to data collected over the past few years, San Diego is the most dangerous city for cyclists in the county. Additionally, the Point Loma intersection is the most dangerous intersection in town for bicycle riders. Between 2010 and 2016, there were nearly 7,000 bicycle crashes in San Diego. The vast majority of those did result in injuries. In fact, fewer than 200 0f those crashes didn’t cause an injury.

No Bike Lanes at Dangerous Intersections in San Diego

According to the article, some of the most dangerous intersections for cyclists in San Diego shared a common characteristic. Many of them had inadequate on non-existent bicycle lanes. If they did have bicycle lanes, they were too narrow or not colored in. Listed below are some of the most dangerous intersections in San Diego for cyclists.

Most Dangerous Intersections for San Diego Cyclists

  • Midway Dr. and Rosecrans St., Point Loma
  • Rose St. and Valley Pkwy., Escondido
  • Coast Highway 101 and Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas
  • Washington Ave. and Broadway, Escondido
  • Saturn Blvd. and Palm Ave., Egger Highlands
  • Valley Pkwy. And Midway Dr., Escondido
  • Coronado Cays at SR-75, Coronado
  • West Mission Bay Dr. and Mission Blvd., Mission Beach
  • Rosecrans St. and Sports Arena Blvd., Point Loma
  • East Valley Pkwy. And Ash St., Escondido

How Motorists Can Help Improve Cyclist Safety

Even with helmets and safe riding habits, cyclists can be seriously, catastrophically or even fatally injured in collisions with motor vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is calling on drivers to safely share the road with cyclists and other vulnerable roadway users. First and foremost, drivers should never be texting or engaging in any kind of distractions when they’re behind the wheel. Always give cyclists plenty of room when passing and look twice before pulling out onto roadways.

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