Buckling Up Could Save Your Giblets

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Buckling up Could Save Your Giblets” campaign is aimed at raising awareness about seat belt usage during the holidays. Buckling up is the single most effective way to save your life and the lives of your loved ones on the road this holiday season. Sadly, because Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel holidays of the year, it is also one of the most dangerous.

The Facts

During the 2011 Thanksgiving holiday, 249 passenger vehicle occupants were killed in crashes nationwide. 50 percent of those people killed were not wearing seatbelts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that people are least likely to wear seat belts during the evening and nighttime hours. Research shows that using a seat belt properly reduces the risk of fatal injury to front seat passengers by 45 percent and the risk of moderate to serious injury is reduced by 50 percent.

Seat Belts for Safe Travels

According to the NHTSA, seat belts save more than 13,000 lives each year. Seat belts keep drivers and passengers safely contained within their vehicles. There is a misconception that airbags are enough to keep people safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without a safety belt, a passenger or driver can be thrown rapidly out of the vehicle in the event of a crash. Getting ejected from a vehicle is often deadly, and survivors may be facing catastrophic, life-altering injuries.

Buckle Up Correctly!

1. Place the shoulder belt across the middle of your chest, away from your neck.
2. Adjust the lab belt across your hips, below your stomach.

The Right Fit

Seat belts can’t keep you safe if they don’t fit properly, so it’s important to check and adjust any fitting issues before you go anywhere. It may be necessary to get adjusters or extenders from your vehicle’s manufacturer. A properly fitted seat belt is the best way to protect one’s self in the event of an accident. It may be tempting to push that shoulder strap aside, but it’s important to wear the seat belt properly to stay safe.

Don’t forget to buckle your seat belts this holiday season and all year long. It could save your giblets! The team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. wishes everybody a happy and safe Holiday season.

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