california dog bite injury lawyersCalifornia Animal Shelters Have to Report Dog Bite History

Under Assembly Bill 588, effective immediately, animal shelters in California are now required to give the dog bite history of adopted dogs to new owners. Prior to this bill, dog adopters could have unknowingly adopted dogs with aggressive or dangerous histories. Under the new bill, animal shelters and rescue groups have to give adopters the circumstances and details of each bite. Additionally, the bite has to break the skin to be reported. The adopter will then need to sign a form acknowledging that they know the history of the dog.


Shelters and Rescues Must Comply With Dog Bite History Reporting

If a shelter or rescue group doesn’t give the adopter the known bite history of the dog, they can be fined up to $500. Unfortunately, this bill came about after reports of people adopting dogs that end up being aggressive in their homes only to find out later that the dog already had a known history of aggression and biting in shelters and rescue groups prior to adoption.


Criticism of Dog Bite Reporting Bill

There is some criticism of the wording of the bill, and reasons and context for the bites may be able to be blurred when reporting. At this time, safety advocates are hoping that shelters and rescues can do their best to keep meticulously accurate records regarding circumstances associated with a dog’s bite history so that potential adopters can be fully informed prior to adopting a dog and bringing it into their homes. Additionally, there’s some concern that the fines aren’t going to be enough of a deterrent for shelters to comply.


Dog Bites in San Diego

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