California to Expand Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Routes 

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) recently issued a press release about the $571 million being allocated to expand transit, bicycle, and pedestrian routes across the state. The funds are coming through the California Transportation Commission (CTC) and are going to address transportation needs in various areas throughout California. Not only will there be growth for mass transit, bicycle, and pedestrian routes, there will also be money to help fix highways and bridges that are used by all types of roadway users.  


Upcoming Projects in Los Angeles County 

Los Angeles has six upcoming projects including street improvements and transportation management system improvements to areas like State Route 1 and State Route 2. There will also be a half-mile walkway installed adjacent to Marvin Braude Bike Trail to close the gap between Pacific Palisades and the City of Santa Monica, which should increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians in that area.

Also, Chatsworth Station is going to have some work done to include walkways and pedestrian crossing installations. Additionally, there will be a rail expansion at Burbank Junction. Finally, improvements are going to be made to Alondra Boulevard, between Studebaker Road and Pioneer Boulevard.  


San Diego Roadway Projects 

Among the projects approved in San Diego and Imperial Counties, $7 million is being allocated to install cable barriers and upgrade guardrails to reduce the severity of injuries on 15 miles of Interstate 5, between Oceanside and the San Diego/Orange County Border. Also, there will be improvements to highway worker safety by way of Maintenance Vehicle Pullouts and similar projects. Finally, there are plans to rehabilitate a ¼ mile section of streets in the City of Holtville in Imperial County.  

 Residents in Los Angeles and San Diego can expect to see increased safety for pedestrians, cyclists and all other types of roadway users in California as these projects come to fruition.  


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