Caltrans Announcing $1.6 Billion for Transportation ProjectsCalifornia to Receive Grant for DMV Recall Program

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a press release announcing that California is among three states that have been awarded DMV recall grants. These grant-funded programs will include safety recall information with vehicle registrations and other transactions. California, Texas and Ohio will receive a total of $1.3 million to inform vehicle owners about open recalls on their vehicles. This is part of an ongoing effort to increase recall repairs on unsafe vehicles throughout the nation.

According to the NHTSA, the State of California registers over 36 million vehicles every year. Since recall efforts have been noticeably slow over the past few years, the NHTSA is trying to find innovative ways to contact consumers.


Improving Recall Repair Compliance 

Unfortunately, those little postcards don’t make it to every owner with a recalled vehicle. Utilizing DMVs is a great way for recall information to get directly sent out to registered vehicle owners. The notices will be sent out with DMV logos on them, so it’s possible that more people will be opening and seeing these mailers.

The notice that vehicle owners will receive from the DMV will have a brief description of the defect, the nature of the recall and information on getting it fixed immediately and at no cost at a manufacturer’s authorized dealer.


Maryland’s DMV Recall Pilot Program is a Success 

These grants are being launched after a successful two-year pilot program in Maryland, where more than 1 million safety recalls were identified on nearly 4.3 million vehicle registration renewals.

As of 2019, there were 966 safety recalls impacting more than 53 million vehicles and motor vehicle equipment in the U.S. Even with recall notices and public warnings, an estimated 25 percent of recalled vehicles have gone unrepaired.


Check Your Vehicle For Recalls 

Thankfully, vehicle recall repairs are completely free. Just contact your local dealership and get it scheduled. If you’re not sure if your vehicle is being impacted by a recall, check your VIN number at’s Recall Lookup Tool. Don’t wait for a notice in the mail, check your car’s VIN at least twice a year.

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