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On Tuesday, health officials with the State of California started urging consumers to stop vaping marijuana or tobacco products until further investigations can determine why hundreds of people nationwide have gotten sick from vaping. According to ABC San Diego News Channel 10, at least 90 people who vape have been hospitalized due to severe breathing problems and lung damage and two people have died in California alone. At this time, the cause of this illness is still unknown. We do know that the one thing these people have in common is that they all have a history of vaping.


More Than 500 Cases of Lung Disease Associated With Vaping

Currently, officials in California and across the nation are urging people to stop vaping. There have been more than 500 cases reported into the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that are associated with this apparently inexplicable lung disease outbreak. Investigations are still ongoing, so there hasn’t been a common e-cigarette or ingredient that has been narrowed down or identified as the culprit yet.


Raising Awareness About The Dangers Associated With E-Cigarettes

The State of California is getting ready to spend about $20 million on a public awareness campaign on the dangers of vaping nicotine and cannabis. Symptoms associated with the illness include chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, fever and weight loss. If you have a history of vaping or using e-cigs and are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, you need to get to a hospital immediately.


Consumers Are Being Warned of Counterfeit Cannabis Vapes

At this time, officials are especially concerned about illegal cannabis dispensaries. An illegal dispensary sells unregulated products, which means that oils could be tainted and dangerous for users. Consumers should be concerned about the potential for counterfeit marijuana and cannabis vapes on the market. Ultimately, the safest plan is to stop vaping and or using e-cigs altogether until the investigation is completed.


Vaping Lung Disease Cases in San Diego

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