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Caltrans Gives $146 Million to Improve Bus and Train Systems

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) just issued a press release about awarding local bus and train systems $146 million to improve commutes and the environment for Californians. According to the press release, 97 percent of funding will benefit disadvantaged and low-income communities. This money has been awarded from the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP), and will go to 180 different local mass transit projects throughout the State of California. Officials with Caltrans are hoping this funding will go toward improving local transit systems so that people have better options for transportation than just motor vehicles.


Accessible Transportation and Improving Mobility

This program, originally created in 2014, is aimed at improving transportation accessibility for people all over California. More than 160 of these projects and $142 million will go directly to areas within a half-mile of disadvantaged communities. Approved projects will include supporting new or expanded bus and rail services and expanded intermodal transit facilities. Additionally, the project aims to reduce or even eliminate fares in some cases.


Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In addition to improving transportation access for communities across the state, this program is also designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With more mass transit options, there is less of a need for reliance on motor vehicle transportation. With affordable and accessible bus and train options, commuters in California will be able to get where they’re going more efficiently and more affordably. Fewer cars on the road will directly contribute to an improvement in air quality.


Bus Accidents and Train Accidents in San Diego

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