Helicopters to the Rescue

The California Department of Transportations (Caltrans) recently published an article about their new app designed to help emergency medical helicopter pilots. Their app “HeliPlates” offers helicopter pilots comprehensive hospital helipad data at the touch of a screen. Not all helipads are created equal, so it’s critically important for pilots to have all the necessary data they need to make a decision on where to take patients and where to land. Where emergency medical helicopters are involved, every second counts, so the quicker a pilot can get access to important helipad data, the better chance patients have of surviving their injuries.

The Caltrans HeliPlates App

The Caltrans Heliplates app is available for Apple and Android devices. It offers comprehensive information on all 166 state-permitted hospital heliports. Heliports are broken down into geographical areas and offer users pinch and zoom capabilities. Drop-down menus include detailed specific information for each of the hospitals and helipads. Since not all pilots know what every single hospital offers and information about their helipads, this app has the potential to greatly improve planning and cut down on flight times.

An App to Help Emergency Medical Helicopter Pilots

In 2012, Caltrans created a website with information on hospitals and helipads around the State of California. The website has been immensely helpful for emergency medical helicopter pilots. Before long, the demand for an app was so great that Caltrans decided to make one. Information from the Caltrans Heliplates app can also be pre-loaded onto tablets and cell phones, so that data can be accessed even without cell service or signal. A medical helicopter pilot recently reported that the app is quick and easy to navigate.

Car Accidents in California

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