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The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) recently issued a press release about their new maintenance training center in Stockton. The goal of this training center is to help roadway workers learn to do their jobs safely and effectively in a safe and controlled environment. This outdoor training center has everything that a worker might encounter in a roadside work zone. At this time, the center is geared toward training workers to repair remote irrigation controls systems and other irrigation work. In the future, they may also have classes in other areas including electrical work and planting and pruning.

Training Simulations for Maintenance Workers

At the training center, maintenance workers can work on tasks they will encounter in the field, such as repairing broken pipes. The simulations can be completed and repeated for training efficacy. In the field, it’s not possible to re-do a repair if something didn’t go quite right. At the training center, the training simulations can be debriefed and repeated if there are errors. The center has stations with pumps, flow sensors, and a cistern, just like workers will encounter in the field. Training supervisors report that the training at the center helps to build skills and confidence for workers.

Improving Safety for Roadside Workers

Roadside workers have tough and dangerous jobs. They’re counting on motorists to slow down and pay attention when they’re traveling through work zones. Motorists are reminded to observe posted speed limit reductions and be on the lookout for roadside workers. Never engage in distracted driving behaviors, whether you’re in a work zone or not, and exercise additional caution where people are working close to the roadway. Taking your eyes or thoughts away from the task of driving for even a second can prove deadly for roadside workers.

Work Zone Safety in California

Thanks to Senate Bill 1, California roadway projects are being accelerated. The need for skilled and safe workers is critical for jobs involving culverts, potholes, signals, and bridges. Drivers are reminded to exercise additional caution and vigilance in work zones across the state.

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