Orange cones blocking off a work zone on the road.

Orange cones blocking off a work zone on the road.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) recently issued a press release about their initiative to reduce speeds in work zones. According to Caltrans, over the past five years, more than 3,000 people nationwide lost their lives in work zone crashes. More than 85 percent of those people were motorists. Additionally, speed was a factor in a whopping 28 percent of those fatal crashes. Due to these disturbing numbers, Caltrans Director Laurie Berman is making a call to action and implementing three new safety initiatives aimed at ending work zone fatalities.

The Importance of Improving Safety in Work Zones Across the State

Caltrans recently hosted a Safety Summit for industry experts to work on a plan to make work zones safer for workers and motorists. This is a particularly important issue in California, because in 2018, a Caltrans worker and four contractors were killed in the line of duty. In response, Caltrans is introducing three new initiatives to improve safety in work zones across the state. Caltrans will be releasing a series of videos to raise awareness about the initiatives and about work zone safety.

Caltrans’ Work Zone Safety Initiatives

  1. Reduce work-zone speeds.
  2. Allow more space between workers and traffic.
  3. Expand work windows, giving work crews more flexibility to work safer and get projects done faster, which means less impact to the public.

Be Work Zone Alert

Above all, drivers need to be Work Zone Alert. If you’re approaching a work zone, be prepared to slow down and drive extremely vigilantly. Workers can be just inches from the roadway. Remember that roadside workers deserve to get home to their families after a long day at work. Don’t put their lives in jeopardy answering a text or talking on the phone. The safest way to navigate through a work zone is carefully, slowly and vigilantly. Be on the lookout for workers, shifting lanes and potential stops or speed changes.

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