Caltrans on a More Efficient And Sustainable Freight System Caltrans on a More Efficient And Sustainable Freight System

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) recently issued a press release about their plans for a more efficient and sustainable freight system. The California Freight Mobility Plan 2020 has both immediate and long-term policies and strategies to get the freight system running more efficiently, sustainably, and safely.

Freight in California is moved by trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, pedestrians, and even robots. The new mobility plan will focus on strengthening current infrastructure and also making improvements and innovations to help expand the state’s freight system.


The Freight Network in California

During the current COVID-19 global pandemic, California, as well as many other states across the nation, has seen an increase in freight traffic. Recognizing the importance of the freight system during a time when more people are staying home and ordering what they need online or through delivery services is critical, and Caltrans’ mobility plan addresses a variety of issues facing the current system.

Caltrans is hoping to improve the freight system through a variety of different projects. They want to focus on environmental and economic impacts as well as safety and health for local communities. Listed below are seven goals that the new freight mobility plan includes.

California Freight Mobility Plan 2020 Goals

  1. Economic prosperity
  2. Environmental stewardship
  3. Health communities
  4. Safety and resiliency
  5. Asset management
  6. Connectivity and accessibility
  7. Multimodal mobility


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