Wrong Way Crashes

Caltrans on Spike in Wrong-Way Crashes

A spike in wrong-way fatalities across the State of California has prompted Caltrans to take action. According to a recent article from NBC San Diego News Channel Seven, there were 13 wrong-way fatalities in California in 2015. In fact, five of those wrong-way crash deaths occurred in December alone. In response to the spike in deadly wrong-way crashes, Caltrans has initiated a pilot program to better alert drivers of off-ramps. Since wrong-way crashes also have a much higher likelihood of being fatal than many other kinds of crashes, it’s important to try to prevent these types of wrecks altogether.

Warning Drivers of Going The Wrong Way

The Caltrans pilot program is aimed at improving the visibility of wrong-way signs and improving the warning system currently in place for drivers who are going the wrong-way on off-ramps. They plan to improve and enhance the warning signs on 63 key off-ramps on Interstate 15, between California State Route 78 and Interstate 8. They will have larger, more visible “wrong-way” signs, flashing lights, and they’re even going to install sensors that alert officers with the California Highway Patrol when somebody enters the ramp going the wrong way.

Preventing Devastating Wrong-Way Crashes

Wrong-way crashes can happen for a number of reasons, but it’s no secret that alcohol and drug use are often contributing factors. All too often, we hear about drunk drivers who enter the freeway going the wrong way. These drivers are too impaired to see that they’re going against traffic, and they’re putting lives at risk. Preventing wrong-way crashes starts with cracking down on drunk driving.

After a Wrong Way Accident in San Diego

Because speeds are often high and vehicles collide head-on, wrong-way crashes can be devastating, catastrophic and even fatal for passenger occupants involved. Even at seemingly slow speeds, a wrong-way crash can be incredibly severe.

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